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As a forerunner in the skincare, laser, and liposuction industry in the Philippines, Vicki Belo continues to make leaps and bounds by promoting the Philippines as a world class medical tourism hotspot.

Several years ago, when the benefits of aesthetic medicine were but topics of social conversations, Vicki Belo dared to establish herself as a leading specialist in the industry. Having had the education in many respected institutions abroad, she took it upon herself to set up a clinic here in the Philippines, never mind the initial criticism of high-browed conservatives. Three decades after, Vicki has made it known—not just in the country, but in other parts of the world as well—that her skill, talent, and relentless pursuit to bring innovative procedures to the Philippine shores has given her a comfortable place at the pinnacle of aesthetic tourism.

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Never one to rest in her laurels, Vicki continues her advocacy at present to spread the great benefits of her aesthetic medicine, inviting patrons from all over the world to experience her exemplary work and in turn, promoting the country as a reliable and trusted center for excellence in the field of mention. The recent international accreditation of Belo Medical Group with NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) was a testament to the vision that Vicki started. She shares, “We were really happy about it because our thrust in Belo Medical Group has always been to be a world-renowned destination for beauty. And that’s why I go around the world because my concept is, ‘What would make Belo special or different? Why would they come there?’ So we’ve been gearing up.”

Cognizant of the strengths and values of the Filipino hospitality industry, she decided to highlight all these in the process of developing a concept that would eventually prove successful. Excellent command of the English language, a genuine heart for service, and a more personal take in ensuring client satisfaction were essential elements in getting her business to where it is now. Now having gained international acclaim, the name Vicki Belo stands out as a name known for her medical work that is of superior quality, for her highly-coveted list of elite clientele, and for her undeniable skill and genius in using the latest innovations and technologies.

Aside from all these enviable qualities, Vicki knew her target market, “I decided our positioning would be—experts of treating colored skin. Why specialize in this? Because they don’t react to machines the same way as Caucasians do.  White people have hardly any melanin or pigment in their skin. With us, a mosquito bite or a pinch on the skin might cause a dark mark. So a lot of foreign doctors are afraid to treat Asian skin.” This expertise put her clinics on the world map of medical tourism.

Read the full story written by Pipo Gonzales in Lifestyle Asia’s February 2020 edition titled, “Exploring Our Island Paradise.”

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