Forward to the Future: Mega Magazine Celebrates 30 Years with Three Cover Stars and by Helping Those in Need - The Scene

Sales from its print issue will be donated to those affected by Typhoon Odette.

As tastes, perspectives, and moods change over the decades, Mega Magazine has continued to flow with this constantly evolving backdrop. And, as it celebrates its 30th birthday, the fashion and lifestyle media brand continues along the same themes of rebirth.

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“Mega’s 30th anniversary is truly a milestone because it celebrates the brand’s journey for the past three decades,” says Peewee Reyes-Isidro, Mega’s editor-in-chief. “It’s a testament to all the story telling and the quality of content it had been producing all these years.”

Reyes-Isidro, who also serves as parent company One Mega Group’s VP for content, says that the title went back “to its roots and focused on the idea of the brand being homegrown and proudly Filipino. The special issue features editorials from a cast of local creatives that showcases the diversity and uniqueness of the Filipino talent.”

A special celebratory issue will be launched, emphasizing the title’s growth over the years, going beyond creating content for print and successfully transitioning to several digital platforms under its Mega brand. These include Mega Man, Mega Entertainment, Mega Style, and the recently launched Mega Active, whose first cover was volleyball star Majoy Baron.

Despite all this growth and changes, it has stayed through to its DNA, Reyes-Isidro points out. “This remains to be the foundation that has guided the brand to navigate through the landscape’s constant changes,” she says. “It is its ability to recognize current cultural shifts and react to it that’s made the brand still relevant after three decades.”

The issue will have three covers, featuring three strong female figures of different ages: a respected character actress, one of the biggest stars of her generation, and the title’s youngest ever cover girl. To be revealed on February 4 on Mega’s social media accounts, each cover star also represents a different cause.

Speaking of which, this issue expresses the brand’s desire to help others in need, specifically those affected by Typhoon Odette. One hundred percent of print sales of this issue will be donated to victims of the calamity that struck the Visayas last December. As it helps in rebuilding communities, Mega looks to tomorrow, espousing the need for restoration, rehabilitation, and prevention.

And in that better future, the brand still sees itself as a pace setter and change agent.

“Mega has always been bold in setting trends and pushing the boundaries,” Reyes-Isidro says. “It will continue to do so in the following years, documenting and celebrating individuals and stories that need to be heard. It will constantly be a guiding voice to its audience, evolving with them.”

Banner: Mega’s first anniversary issue in 1993

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