The Staying Power Of A Vintage Bag

Elevate your collection with four vintage bags that are good cost-per-wear investments.

Shopping for vintage pieces is on the rise nowadays. People are now seeing the value of purchasing them. Furthermore, shoppers are now seeing how good of an investment vintage bags are. Some increase in value as time goes on, while others are just a good investment following the cost-per-wear idea. 

Aside from being investments, buying vintage bags also promotes slow consumption. Rather than buying new bags repeatedly, buying vintage handbags doesn’t contribute to the further promotion of overconsumption that fuels fashion’s circular economy. Moreover, shopping for vintage bags gives you a sense of nonchalance and carefreeness.

Additionally, vintage bags offer styles that elevate your outfits. Using a handbag from past collections goes against the grain of current trends and fads. Moreover, showing up in a vintage bag shows your involvement and understanding of fashion. With that said—these vintage bags are investments to add to your collection. 

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A rare gem, the Hermès Kelly Sport is a vintage bag that will surely catch your eye. Imagine the classic Kelly turned into something more casual, more sportier—the Kelly Sport is just that. Owning the vertical-oriented Kelly would be the perfect everyday bag. Aside from the amount of wear you can get from it, since it is so rare, the bag’s value increases over time.

Hermes Kelly
1990-2000s pre-owned Kelly Sport GM shoulder bag/ Photo via Farfetch website


Another bag that increases in value, the Chanel Duma, is a vintage backpack you would want in your collection. The bag is made from the classic quilted Chanel Lambskin leather—making it buttery smooth. Moreover, the style of the backpack is timeless. It sports two compartments, one large main compartment, and one small front pocket, making the bag functional. The straps are also made from the classic Chanel chains, adding glamor to the look.

Black Quilted Lambskin Medium Duma Timeless CC Backpack Gold Hardware, 1996-1997/ Photo via Sotheby’s website


If the cost per wear of a bag is considered, the Fendi Mamma Baguette Bag is the go-to vintage bag. A bag that fits everything, from your daily necessities to whatever you want to bring for the day. Furthermore, each bag is adorned with the classic Fendi monogram, while still maintaining subtlety.

1990-2000 Mamma Baguette Zucca-pattern handbag/ Photo via Farfetch website


The Celinè trio is a bag perfect for everyday casual looks. A signature Phoebe Philo piece, it is the epitome of quiet luxury. Moreover, it is a functional masterpiece—it has three compartments that organize and fit all your necessities. 

Trio bag in smooth lambskin/ Photo via Celine website

Banner photo via Farfetch website.

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