Frost Yourself: A Ring Set With Nearly 30,000 Diamonds Breaks A World Record - The Scene

Named “Ami” meaning immortality, the ring with the most diamonds in the world weighs 340 grams and is worth $95,243.

Indian jewelry company SWA Diamonds broke the Guinness World Record for most diamonds set in one ring. In a single piece, they set 24,679 diamonds after its initial design last May. It took almost three months for the computer-aided design to be completed. 

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“There is no greater joy than to live your dreams the way you were meant to. Our team feels accomplished and satisfied after knowing we have earned a new Guinness World Records title,” SWA Diamond’s managing director, Abdul Gafar Anadiyan, said. “It marks the triumph of entrepreneurship in the diamond sector of our state.”

Although its carats were not announced, the ring weighs 340 grams (three-quarters of a pound) and is worth $95,243. 

Intricate design

Named “The Touch of Ami,” its design is inspired by the pink oyster mushroom, which symbolizes immortality and longevity. SWA Diamonds achieved the intricate structure of the ring by pouring liquid gold into a mold to form 41 unique mushroom petals. After, each of the thousands of natural diamonds was handset. 

The previous holder of the record title was Meerut-based jeweler Harshit Bansal. In 2020, he encrusted a floral-inspired ring with 12,638 diamonds—just about half of what The Touch of Ami’s is adorned with.

SWA Diamonds are one of its country’s leading jewelry manufacturers. According to Luxuo, the Indian gems and jewelry industry is one of the most significant in the world, contributing to 29 percent of global sales. 

Banner photo from the Guinness World Record’s official website.

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