Francine And Corinne Limsin Venture Beyond The Family Business

Empowering women and pursuing dreams, the Limsin sisters embrace body confidence through their business.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s July 2023 Issue.

In a world where doing something you love and making a positive impact on society often seem like two separate endeavors, there are exceptional individuals who dare to break the mold. 

Francine Limsin and Corinne Limsin, two inspiring sisters, have not only followed their own entrepreneurial dreams but also found a way to support each other while uplifting other women.

Corinne, the visionary behind Common Mode, envisions her business as a catalyst for empowering women through stylish and confidence-boosting activewear. 

With a focus on enhancing self-assurance, Common Mode goes beyond simply providing athletic clothing—it strives to create pieces that resonate with diverse personalities.

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Francine And Corinne Limsin
Francine and Corinne Limsin/Photo courtesy of Ed Simon of KLIQ, INC.

A Clear Mission 

“We believe that by offering a wide range of options, individuals can feel more confident and express their unique selves,” says Corinne. The brand’s vibrant and fashion-forward designs encourage women to embrace their authentic selves.

However, Common Mode’s mission extends beyond aesthetics. “We want to be a source of inspiration for others to live a healthier lifestyle and foster that sense of community that we all seek,” she explains. 

Through their activewear line, they aim to motivate women to prioritize their well-being while creating a supportive network of like-minded individuals.

Francine And Corinne Limsin
Francine and Corinne Limsin/Photo courtesy of Ed Simon of KLIQ, INC.

Corinne emphasizes the transformative power of physical movement. “Moving our own bodies really helps improve the overall quality of our lives. 

We realize that we only have one life to live, and our bodies enable us to experience life in its entirety,” she reflects. 

According to her, engaging in physical activity not only strengthens the body but also enhances one’s capacity to participate in a wide array of experiences and adventures that contribute to a more fulfilling existence.

Meanwhile, Francine shares her journey of starting a small bakery business Blue Paradise, driven by

her love for food. 

With her full-time corporate job, she initially couldn’t dedicate herself entirely to the venture. However, inspired by her sister Corinne’s athletic-wear business, Francine decided that it was time to make her dream a reality. 

She resigned from her job and fully committed to her entrepreneurial endeavors. “I’m thrilled to finally focus on the bakery. It’s fantastic that we’re both entering industries that genuinely interest us,” Francine exclaims.

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Banner photo courtesy of Ed Simon of KLIQ, INC.

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