‘Star Wars’ Action Figure Sells for Record $525,000

A “Star Wars” action figure sold for more than half a million at auction, including memorabilia that realized more than $1.66 million collectively.

Heritage Auctions proved yet again that they have a great eye when it comes to identifying valuable collectibles. Their most recent auction event, the Star Wars Signature Auction, garnered a total of more than $1.66 million from items that went under the hammer. One of the most coveted memorabilia is a Star Wars action figure, which sold for more than half a million dollars.

The sale not only highlighted Star Wars’ lasting impact in pop culture, but also shows the enduring appeal of collectibles from the beloved film series. The auction concluded with the notion that the enchanting universe that George Lucas created has once again united folks from different generations. 

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“Star Wars” action figure broke previous record

Heritage Auctions revealed that a three and three-quarter inch-tall Boba Fett sold for $525,000. According to their press release, it is one of only two surviving hand-painted, missile-firing action figures.

The “Star Wars” action figure of Boba Fett sold for more than half a million dollars
The “Star Wars” action figure of Boba Fett sold for more than half a million dollars

It broke the record for the most expensive Star Wars action figure sold at auction. The miniature collectible bested a rocket-firing Boba Fett that sold for $236,000 in 2022. 

The auction company’s Executive Vice President Joe Maddalena said the Boba Fett became such a mythic icon that people who don’t collect at all would know about them. 

“We knew this one had a chance to enter the record books,” he added. “It was thrilling to see it become the most valuable toy in the world.”

About the Boba Fett figurines

Jacob Miles, a former Star Wars Kenner engineer, said that there was a reason behind creating the small figurines. “The whole point of making them small was that a kid [might] want to have all of them,” Miles remarked. 

The engineer furthered on, saying that the small toys were meant to be given away. “[When] Boba Fett came in, we were marketing it [and] came up with a promotion [that] it’s a giveaway figure,” he continued. “It comes free with a purchase of any four Star Wars action figures, I believe.”

Miles expressed they had no idea that Boba Fett would end up being the icon that he is today. 

Other auction items sold

Aside from the Boba Fett action figure, a couple of other collectibles contributed to the $1.66 million worth of sales. A high-grade and sealed action figure, Boba Fett 21 Back B, reached a final hammer price of $84,375. The auction house said it is unclear how many of the figure exists today, but it is “absolutely among the rarest.”

Anakin Skywalker’s Lightsaber has also brought a significant profit as it made $62,500. Star Wars: From The Adventures Of Luke Starkiller script trailed closely behind as it realized $57,500. The script has everything that a Star Wars fan wants: the original triangle logo and signatures of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Peter Mayhew, among others.

Pedro Pascal’s helmet, used during his appearance on The Book of Boba Fett, was also one of the lot’s hot commodities. It sold for $40,000. A Darth Vader helmet, which is also a must-have for a dedicated fan, garnered a hammer price of $37,500.

The complete auction results can be seen here.

Photos from Heritage Auctions.

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