Gallery by Chele Invites You Back To Dine In At Their Elegant Space

After seven months, you can now taste chef Chele’s masterful dishes in the restaurant while taking caution for everyone’s safety.

Months into quarantine and everyone has been missing all the brunches, dinners, and parties. Be it creating your dishes, brewing your own drinks at home, and ordering deliveries, you have to admit it’s starting to wear you out especially with the lack of elation from reconnecting with friends. Gallery by Chele recognizes the magnitude of having these simple joys in life and so the premier restaurant opens its doors to everyone once more this October 1. An impressive lineup of creative and gourmet courses and extraordinary, safe dining experience awaits you.

One of the main dining rooms.
LEFT: Roselle. RIGHT: Kefir Ice Bowl.

Weaving cross-cultural tastes

The rich and extensive Filipino heritage inspires the menu of Gallery by Chele yet they are never bound by this. “Dining with us is a therapy for the soul,” Chef Chele Gonzales says about the ingredients, techniques, and innovations of the restaurant. They move beyond borders and mix in cultures to bring a fresh take on common Filipino dishes.

At the reopening of the restaurant, expect to taste new dishes like the Roselle, inspired by the Tagbanua Tribe of Palawan. They use hibiscus as a souring agent, bringing as well a lovely bright crimson color to the platter. Other flavorful servings to order are Kare-Kare Bonbon, Pavlo Mango, Kefir Ice Bowl, and Pandan Flan. Each boast of its marvelous presentation and delightful mix of profiles, a must-try especially for those who have dearly missed chef Chele’s creations.

LEFT: Kare Kare Bonbon. RIGHT: Pandan Flan.

The restaurant has options for five or nine-course tasting menu, ala carte, addition of small or big plates, and of course, vegan and vegetarian menus. For those who would like to indulge in the courses at home, the Gallery at Home Spanish Signatures or their takeaway menu option remains available as part of private dining.

An open space.

Safety at the helm

As we revisit Gallery by Chele, the restaurant places hygienic practices above all. Before entering the restaurant, one has to go under body temperature checks and foot baths. They also follow the mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields for guests and with the addition of gloves for the staff. As you take a seat, you can be assured that frequently-touched contact surfaces, the kitchen, and dining and other public areas are well-disinfected and sanitized.

A private dining room.

While dining, the staff provides single-use envelopes for your face mask and sanitizes cutlery using their front-of-house UV box. In requesting the menu, they will give a QR code while they allow online payment for billing out such as bank transfers, PayMaya, Alipay, and GCash. Of course, you may still hand in cash and credit cards, but only after they do a quick UV sanitation process.

All these gestures deliver assurance for dine-in guests of the well-maintained environment where you indulge with scrumptious courses while you reconnect with family and friends.

Gallery by Chele is open for private dining every day from 12 PM to 9 PM, while takeaway and delivery are from 11 AM to 6 PM. For reservations and more information, visit their Instagram page, their website, or contact +63 917 5461673.

Photos from Gallery by Chele

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