Emerging Leaders of Tomorrow: Filipino-Americans Shine at Gawad Alab ng Lahi - The Scene

As paragons of Filipino values and talent across the world, Hiraya Foundation for Filipino-American Heritage Preservation, Inc. recently awarded the shining beacons of Filipino-American Pride

The world is expanding more than ever. As witnesses to its rapid development in the 21st century, Filipinos, once again, are at the heart of seizing opportunities and making a name for themselves in the global arena. Even with an avenue to grow beyond in their respective fields abroad, Filipinos aren’t one to easily forget where they come from despite the influences of Western migration and assimilation in the United States. 

This virtue is also what led to the creation of Gawad Alab ng Lahi, as a way to recognize distinguished Filipino-Americans and also foreign individuals who have dedicated their lives to Filipino growth, excellence, and welfare.

A celebration of exceptional contributions

Together with the Philippine Consulate General in New York led by the Honorable Consul General Elmer G. Cato and the Hiraya Foundation for Filipino-American Heritage Preservation Inc., under the leadership of Chairman and President, Dr. Romulo A. Aromin Jr., proudly recognizes our countrymen and women in the United States of America through Gawad Alab ng Lahi.

From left to right: Jovito Rabelas, Leonora Galleros-Tinio, CPA, MBA, Romulo

“From preserving our Filipino culture and heritage to promoting the Philippines as a tourism and investment destination, to coming to the succor of those in need back home—these are the people who ultimately enhance the lives of Filipinos,” says Consul General Cato.

Outstanding Contributions by Filipinos for Filipinos

Together with Hiraya Foundation for Filipino-American Heritage Preservation Inc., qualifying winners who have exemplified Filipino values and excellence were awarded in four categories. These individuals, groups, and enterprises have immensely contributed both in the United States and in the motherland.

From left to right: DCG Arman Talbo, Consul General Elmer Cato; Atty. Geraldine Sunshine, and Hiraya Foundation Chairman Dr. Romulo Aromin Jr.

Gawad Parangal sa Natatatanging Ambag ng Isang Indibidwal recognized the efforts of Dr. Leo Jurado as a Filipino in America who has immensely contributed to uplifting fellow Filipinos or society as a whole.

The Gawad Parangal sa Natatanging Ambad ng Kaisang Banyaga acknowledges the efforts of the luxury liner, Carnival Cruise Line, in promoting the Philippines and Filipino interests wherever they may be.

For their decades-long pursuit of nurses’ welfare, the Gawad Parangal sa Natatanging Ambad ng Isang Samahang Pampamayanan was awarded to the Philippine Nurses Association of America, Inc. (PNAA) as a way to salute their tireless fight for fair and ethical treatment, especially in the onslaught of the pandemic.

From left to right: Consul General Elmer Cato, Ret. Major Gen. Anthony Taguba of FilVetREP, and Dr. Henry B. Howard of US-PH Society

Lastly, the Gawad Parangal sa Natatanging Ambag ng Isang Pangkat Pang-Negosyo is awarded to Filipino enterprise, Concentrix Philippines, whose efforts have provided opportunities to better the lives of their fellow Filipinos in America.

Results of the awards were reviewed and audited by Mr. Richard Levychin, CPA, a partner at Galleros-Robinson Commercial Audit and Assurance. For more information about Gawad Alab ng Lahi and its qualifying winners, please visit the Gawad Alab ng Lahi website.

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