Best Brow Forward: Olivia Rodrigo is the new face of Glossier. - Mirror,Mirror

You’ll never experience déjà vu with Rodrigo’s Glossier favorites

Olivia Rodrigo’s been having herself a great last few years. Winning three Grammy awards and having a moment with BTS’ V, in front of everyone watching? What else can be better?

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A beauty contract, perhaps. Rodrigo is now the face of Glossier, the first celebrity image ambassador for the New York-based brand.

If you think about it, it makes sense. Glossier’s ethos is all about skin first, coverage later. Rodrigo’s oeuvre as a singer-songwriter is much the same: there is no artifice to Rodrigo: she sings what she feels, and like Emily Weiss’ homegrown brand, covers none of her feelings. For Glossier and Olivia Rodrigo, what you see is what you get.

“The way I feel best is when I’m in makeup that accentuates my natural features and makes me glowy– when it enhances what I have naturally,” Rodrigo says on the brand’s website.

If you needed more proof of how much this collaboration fits, take her song enough for you. The lyrics go: “I wore makeup when we dated, ’cause I thought you’d like me more. If I looked like the other prom queens, I know that you loved before.” Now that Rodrigo’s wearing Glossier, she won’t look like the other prom queens, with a face primped to the nines.

Rodrigo and her favorite eyeliner, Pro Tip

To celebrate, Glossier put together a package of products personally curated by Rodrigo. In it is the cult eyebrow pomade Boy Brown, Ultralip for buildable lip color and Pro Tip, which is Olivia’s go-to liquid eyeliner of choice.

“One step further than lip-syncing to every track on Sour, these three products make it easy to recreate Olivia’s signature look, or make it your own,” says Glossier.

Other Rodrigo favorites are Solar Paint for a bronzy glow, Stretch Concealer as a base and Cloud Paint for seamless cheek color.

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