You Can Now Wear Giambattista Valli's First-of-its-kind Collection

The fashion industry once again witnesses a new milestone with the launch of the latest collaboration of Giambattista Valli. The esteemed Paris-based fashion designer partners with major apparel brand H&M for the first time. The result is a collection heavy in unique silhouettes and textures, a signature of Valli’s sophisticated style. The collaboration will be available in Greenbelt 4 starting November 7 this year.

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A celebration of gender-fluidity

This latest collaboration marks the beginning of Valli’s foray into designing menswear. While he is known for creating exuberant Haute couture for women, the designer brings his signature floral motifs into the men’s apparel. The line makes a bold statement on its own with gold scroll prints and peony patterns against black frock coats. “He could skate, or he could be an artist,” Valli says in an interview, imagining his customer.

Valli’s choice to exude a feminine touch on menswear is an expression of gender-fluid dressing, an ongoing movement in the industry. This makes sense as the new generation is gradually shrugging off strict definitions of what a man or a woman should wear and look like. Valli understands what this means for the industry. Thus, he emphasizes how he desires to have an impact on style and not on fashion. For him, style is all about the expression of different identities. It is all about dressing for who you are and not simply following the trends in fashion.

Scroll below to get see the collection of H&M with Giambattista Valli.

Photos from H&M.

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