Makeup And Skincare Trends You Should Try This Summer

The cosmetics scene is anticipating this year’s summer makeup and skincare trends as the season’s warm sun starts to shine. It’s the time again to sport the perfect beach look or a glowy bronzed finish to augment the sunny weather.From vibrant pops of color to the timelessness of natural aesthetics, the possibilities are endless.

Summer is all about empowering people to embrace their individual, exceptional beauty. We’ve rounded up makeup and skincare trends which can help celebrate self expression without sacrificing your skin’s health. 

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Sunscreen as a permanent holy grail

Sunscreen is probably one thing you should keep on your skincare routine due as it helps protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. A report from Forbes said people should use it all year round, however, instead of just during summertime. 

Understandably, this season is where many use sunscreen or sunblock a lot, but Dr. Shilesh Iyer, a dermatologist, said sun damage and skin cancer, caused by ultraviolet rays, are always present. “The best way to protect the skin is with sun protection,” she explained.

One should apply sunscreen as the last step in their skincare routine but it should be before applying makeup. This guarantees that the ingredients in makeup won’t dampen and affect the sun protection’s effectiveness

Dermatologists strongly recommend applying sunscreen throughout the year
Dermatologists strongly recommend applying sunscreen throughout the year/Photo from the National Cancer Institute via Unsplash

Hydrating is a must

One of the common concerns during summer is dehydrated skin which leads to dullness and more visible fine lines. Combating dry skin necessitates the need for frequent moisturizing and using appropriate products. 

Vogue reported that recognizing the signs of dehydrated skin is essential, but there is no need to overthink routines. Paying attention to your diet, drinking an ample amount of water and avoiding harsh and active ingredients are some of the ways to retain skin moisture. Another way is through using hydrating products like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and ceramides, which fortifies the skin.

Hydrating is an important makeup and skincare trends this summer as it will prevent skin from drying out
Hydrating is an important makeup and skincare trends this summer as it will prevent skin from drying out/Photo from Shiny Diamond via Pexels

Embrace a natural sun-kissed look

One of the recurring makeup trends during summer is mimicking a sun-kissed look through a blush. This look elicits a fresh aesthetic but at the same time reflects a day of fun and adventure outdoors. 

Kaia Gerber’s light sun-kissed makeup

The trend uses blush to show the beauty of flushed cheeks, a technique which celebrities and influencers use up to this day. Glamour reported even makeup artists emphasized the shift towards youthful, natural, rosy makeup. 

American model Hailey Bieber sporting natural, sun-kissed makeup/Photo via Instagram @haileybieber 

Shimmery or matte bronzers can also help achieve a gorgeous golden glow. 

Keep your makeup lightweight

The summer heat might melt away makeup before your day begins so adjustments to your routine is essential. Make use of light foundation with full coverage, or a multi-purpose blemish balm (BB) cream instead. 

Use lip tints and tinted lip balms as your lips need protection too. Hot temperatures can cause flaky, dry lips so you also need to moisturize them. 

Using lip tints and balms are one of the recurring makeup summer trends

Experiment with vibrant colors

Byrdie came up with a list of makeup trends that includes experimenting with vibrant, colorful hues, especially with eyeshadows. Explore looks with pastels, sunset colors, smoky eyes, ombre combinations, and more this summer. After all, this season is about getting out of your comfort zone and owning your innate, stunning characteristics. 

Infuse a pop of colors on your eyes this summer

Waterproof what you can

Summer packs in a lot of heat so investing in waterproof makeup is essential. This ensures that your makeup stays intact during the humid season and when the inevitable perspiration happens. 

Waterproof formulas will withstand moisture, prevent smudging, streaking, or running throughout the day. Make sure to incorporate water-resistant mascara, eyeliner, and brow gels or pomades so you don’t have to touch up from time to time. Be daring and enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about makeup mishaps.

Lastly, don’t forget to use a setting spray, which keeps our makeup intact. Makeup artists recommend doing this as the last step of our routine. 

Banner photo from Şule Makaroğlu via Unsplash.

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