5 Luxury Sunglasses That Stylishly Shield Your Eyes From Sunlight

These designer sunglasses are whimsical, chic, and practical all at the same time, protecting your eyes from sun damage.

The glaring sun is always a challenge whenever we go out, from the heat and temperature to the blinding sun rays. However, people adapted to the rising temperatures—sunscreens and breathable fabrics are now an option for beauty and fashion. Moreover, wearing sunglasses is one way to avoid the blinding sun. 

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Designer sunglasses are always a fun addition to your outfit. It completes an already well-put-together look. Furthermore, it protects our eyes from the harsh sun rays. Recently, designer sunglasses have evolved into more than just a sun visor. Brands have created and designed sunglasses that can be the focal point of your outfit. Moreover, carrying sunglasses around is convenient in many ways. 


A fine eyewear company from Japan, Matsuda is a master of creating sunglasses. The brand’s 10605H design is a hand-made masterpiece. Furthermore, the round lens hand layered in Japanese Acetate, adorned with intricate metal detailing, embodies the free-spirited adventurers the sunglasses are inspired by. According to their website, each eyewear the brand produces takes over 2 years and follows over 250 steps. 

Matsuda 10605H/ Photo via Matsuda website


One of the most prominent jewelry brands in the world created these chic and artisanal sunglasses. The Bulgari Serpenti Sunglasses are geometric masterpieces. Moreover, a gold-finished scale motif on the temples that resembles the Serpenti jewelry design supports the geometric frame.

Bulgari Serpenti Sunglasses/ Photo via Bulgari website


Loewe is a brand known for whimsical bags and shoes. Furthermore, its sunglasses also carry the brand design identity. The Inflated Butterfly Sunglasses is a chic take on sunglasses. The oversized frame is accompanied by lenses having 100% Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) protection. It is a chic way to protect your eyes from UVA, associated with skin aging, and UVB, associated with skin burning.

Inflated butterfly sunglasses in nylon/ Photo via Loewe website


Live out your Cat Woman fantasy by wearing the Balenciaga Gotham Cat Sunglasses. The oversized frame has extra pointy details on the top that resemble the mask of a DC Comics villain. The chic cat-eye sunglasses also offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB.

Gotham Cat Sunglasses/ Photo via Balenciaga website

Gentle Monster 

The Gentle Monster Gummy MG1 from the Gentle Jelly collection are sunglasses that personify the “baby girl” aesthetic. The round frame of the sunglasses is adorned with details reminiscent of jelly sweets and gummies we used to have when we were young. The lens is a rainbow gradient that will protect your eyes from the sun while looking playful and chic.

Gentle Monster Gummy MG1/ Photo via Gentle Monster website

Banner photo via Balenciaga website.

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