Go Love Yourself: Bring Out Your Inner Confidence And Divine Energy Through Portrait Photoshoots - Skin Deep

This photographer shows you that you are more than enough just as you are.

According to photographer David Suh, “I help everyday people unlock their potential and find new, exciting ways to find confidence and empowerment through portraits. Let’s reshape the way we think about photos of us: It’s for us first, and then for others second.”

He continues, “Imagine a space where you feel in control of your confidence, your movement, and your moment. A space that allows you to for once not feel ashamed, judged, or nervous about being in front of the camera, but instead, excitement, passion, and empowerment. I will be your sherpa to that space.”

Suh’s website says, “The moment David starts guiding you into poses, you will become a different person in front of the camera.” 

The photoshoot session includes the following:

Welcome Packet that includes a welcome letter, style guide, beauty guide, and pricing menu–a comprehensive guide to prepare you for your photoshoot.

Style Consult with the studio manager to help you plan your dream photoshoot.

The website says, “We take care of you from start to finish. From planning your shoot with 4 outfits to getting you pampered in our makeup seat, we remind you that you are the star of the show.”

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Professional Makeup and Hair Artist to “pamper you and bring out your most confident self.”

“From your own private make-up room and bathroom to a dream team to help celebrate you in a beautiful photography studio, we make sure we curate a safe space for you to bring out your divine energy,” according to the website.

Fully Guided Photoshoot with David, the best part of the entire experience which has been described by some as “a therapy session, a workout, or confidence booster.” Because David guides clients through each pose and even shows how to do the pose, there is no guesswork.

The website also shares, “Be ready to have your mind blown as David bring out your inner model within minutes by guiding you through every single movement and pose. It’s up to us to show you how photogenic you are. Watch out – you’ll be exhausted at the end of your 2-hour shoot!”

Reveal Session is when the client sees and chooses the images for purchase! Each image comes with both a printed and digital copy.

Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram shares, “Love the shots and your space, thank you!”

Banner photo via Instagram @davidsuhphoto.

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