Filipinos Willingly Spend And Travel Overseas For Concerts

A study showed that Filipinos are at the top five when it comes to people who would travel overseas for concerts.

Filipinos have always been a force of nature in concerts as our crowds tend to hype artists to give a solid performance. However, sometimes the process of even acquiring tickets in the Philippines can be hectic and confusing. Most times, the artists we want to watch did not include our country when they’re on tour, so the tendency is we travel overseas for concerts. reported that Visa conducted a recent study revealing that Filipinos would go the extra mile to watch the artists we love. 

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One in five to travel overseas for concerts

Visa’s Green Shoots Radar study recorded the Philippines is in the top five Asia-Pacific regions for traveling for concerts. and The Daily Tribune both weighed in that 38 percent of Filipinos have attended concerts overseas, right behind India (45 percent), Vietnam (41 percent), and Indonesia (40 percent).

The study revealed as well that the top destinations for concert goers are South Korea and Thailand.

Visa’s survey disclosed that consumers will continue to travel overseas for concerts, even locally this year. This trend becomes apparent as artists like Coldplay, Taylor Swift, asian boy groups, and more would be performing in nearby regions.

Some of the main insights gathered from Visa’s survey
Some of the main insights gathered from Visa’s survey/Photo from Visa

Easier ticketing experience overseas

Business World relayed that fans travel overseas for concerts if their favorite artists skipped the country as one of their tour stops. 

However, lately some Filipinos may be “skipping the local concert scene” due to the hassles and confusion that local ticketing processes brought about. 

Business World interviewed a fan who said that due to the local ticketing experience, it was better to watch concerts overseas. This way, one gets to enjoy traveling and seeing their favorite artists. 

The publication added the fact that people prefer to travel overseas for concerts made sense even if others think it’s extreme. Ticketing in other countries, like Thailand, is easier due to less queueing and more seats available.

Coldplay playing in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Coldplay playing in Kaohsiung, Taiwan/Photo via Instagram @coldplay

Going the extra mile for artists

Fans spent a lot of money on KPop merchandise and concert tickets even up to this day. A report from GMA News said, for instance, that the happiness during their favorite idols’ concerts makes an unforgettable memory, an experience unlike any other.

This became the case for hardcore Swifties out there who are waiting to see Taylor Swift in her Japan and Singapore legs of the Eras Tour. The Business Times revealed that Filipino fans are hailed top buyers of now sold-out packages in Klook. 

The travel and tours provider introduced concert packages for fans who are hoping to see Swift in the only two Asian legs of her tour. Esquire reported that tickets were sold out less than 24 hours after the packages went live.

Filipino Swifties also flocked Ticketmaster Singapore and Japan’s lottery for Eras Tour tickets last year. Fans expressed disappointment due to the fact that the singer-songwriter did not include the Philippines to her tour leg. reported that a fellow Filipino even flew to the United States just to see Taylor, and who knows how many of us flew more than a thousand miles just to do so?

A Filipino fan travelled 8,400 miles to see Taylor Swift.

The trend in attending concerts made it known that no matter where it is held, a fan would always go the extra mile and be part of the experience. So, if you’re the type of person who would travel overseas for concerts, as long as you have the means, go for it. Life is short so we all ought to make the most out of it. 

Banner photo from Antoine J. via Unsplash.

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