Exquisite Taste: How The World Of Food And Fashion Intertwine

Some people think food and fashion don’t mix, but they’re actually coming together. Discover how style and flavors combine, from Issey Miyake’s sushi-inspired accessories to Karl Lagerfeld’s supermarket fashion show.

Delvaux, French fries and burger miniature leather bags, 2017, Belgium. Good Taste: How The World Of Food And Fashion Intertwine 
Photo from an exhibit at FIT’s museum, titled “Food & Fashion,” via The Museum at FIT’s official website

Why do food and fashion seem like an odd pairing? 

It might be because high fashion has often celebrated thinness while treating eating as if it’s a bit of a no-no. 

But in recent years, we’ve witnessed a delightful blend of food and fashion. As Susie Lau from Elle Magazine points out, fashion events have transformed now. 

From being all about models and installations to becoming feasts for the eyes and taste buds.

In the past, brand-hosted dinners used to offer joyless, low-carb meals, mirroring a world obsessed with the fluctuating weights of celebrities fueled by the media. 

However, things have changed. 

Nowadays, you can spot mint green and pale pink wobbly blancmanges at a Prada dessert buffet. It’s so perfectly crafted that you’d question if they were edible. 

Over the last decade, these events have grown in size and creativity, seamlessly merging the worlds of fashion and food.

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Taste and Style

Both food and fashion play integral roles in our daily lives. They meet our basic needs while allowing us to express our individual and cultural identities. 

An exhibit at FIT’s museum, titled “Food & Fashion,” coinciding with Fashion Week, takes visitors on a journey through the intertwined history of food and fashion. 

Some people think food and fashion don't mix, but they're actually coming together.
Moschino’s chocolate bar gown, fall 2014/Photo from The Museum at FIT’s official website

It starts with a gallery showcasing food-themed fashion and then moves to a space resembling a food hall. 

It featured stalls that explore how food and dining have influenced fashion since the 18th century.

The exhibit also demonstrates the intersection of food and art in fashion, showcasing pieces like Issey Miyake’s sushi-inspired accessories and Judith Leiber’s tomato handbag.

The intersection of food and art in fashion through Judith Leiber's tomato handbag.
Crystal adorned novelty handbag from Judith Leiber/Photo from Judith Leiber’s official website

Food-inspired collections have dominated runways in the last decade. 

For instance, Karl Lagerfeld presented a Chanel-themed supermarket fashion show in 2014. 

Jeremy Scott’s Moschino debut played with the imagery of pop culture food brands like McDonald’s and Hershey’s.

Culinary Couture

Beyond the runway, fashion brands such as Prada and Ralph Lauren have ventured into the food scene. 

By opening cafes and restaurants, they’re allowing customers to literally consume their favorite brands. 

Prada's cafe/restaurant.
Bar Luce by Prada/Photo via Fondazione Prada’s official website

On social media, Laura Kim from Oscar de la Renta share her culinary creations, making her Instagram feed a mix of fashion and food.

Fashion brands are increasingly gravitating towards food, with Smeg partnering with Dolce & Gabbana to create hand-painted refrigerators that embody the duo’s “la dolce vita” aesthetic.

Smeg partnering with Dolce & Gabbana to create hand-painted refrigerators that embody the duo's "la dolce vita" aesthetic.
Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana collaboration/Photo via Winnings’ official website

Food and Fashion

While some of these collaborations might appear as marketing gimmicks, they shine when they align with their brand identities and values, engaging their customers. 

What’s remarkable is that these co-branded products essentially market themselves. 

They captivate both traditional media and social media influencers, taking on lives of their own.

In the end, the interplay of food and fashion is about forging an identity, symbolizing both our literal and symbolic “tastes.” 

Food and fashion are deeply ingrained in our lives, influencing everything from our cultural identities to our engagement with body politics. They are not just essential for survival but also for expressing our individuality and societal values.

Banner photo via The Museum at FIT’s official website.

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