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Gelato lovers rejoice! All the way from their Mura Mura farm in Italy, GROM Gelato has made its way to the Philippines to the delight of gelato aficionados the country over. The handcrafted  cold confection enters the local market with four signature flavors: Crema di GROM, Cioccolato, Pistacchio, and Stracciatella.

Founded back in 2002 by Guido Martinetti and Federico Grom in Italy, the two friends wanted to revitalize authentic gelato making in the modern market. With many of today’s gelato brands using artificial coloring, aromas, and emulsifiers; the duo aimed at creating the best gelato using Italian craftsmanship with pure and authentic ingredients – just as it was made in traditional gelaterias.

GROM commits to its quality by using raw and naturally-sourced ingredients which they mainly produce from their Mura Mura farm. Meaning “Slowly Slowly” in Malagasy, the language of Madagascar, the Mura Mura farm grows many of their fruits and produce used for flavoring and coloring their gelato on a massive 20 hectare land in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. Each pint of GROM gelato is made with these natural ingredients along with fresh milk, cage-free eggs, and Carruba flour. 

Here’s what goes into each of the four flavors they’ve launched in the Philippines:


Crema Di GROM

Each flavor’s packaging is designed with the ingredients that go into each gelato flavor.

Made with pastry cream, Venezuelan chocolate chips, and GROM’s own meliga biscuits, being the brand’s signature flavor, this rich aromatic flavor is a sweet blend of Guido’s passion for quality raw ingredients and Federico’s penchant for mouth-watering flavors.



Each container is transparent allowing you to see the gelato’s colors and ingredients such as the lush brown of the Cioccolato.

Using Ecuadorian chocolate, one best varieties of chocolate in the world, mixed with fresh milk and white cane sugar, you get a full and lasting chocolate sensation with this richly colored flavor. The Ecuadorian chocolate is grown in Arriba Mocache. With its scent, the ingredient’s floral aroma is telling of the cacao’s superior quality.



Flecks of pistachio pieces can be seen from the outside which gives this flavor a diverse texture.

A delicious mix of different kinds of pistachios from the Middle East creates the main flavor for this gelato, GROM balances a Piastacchio flavor that gives a journey with its texture from crunchy to velvety in every spoonful. The pistachios used are the Perfect Green and Mawardi strains – the first characterized by its resinous and balsamic flavors, and the second by its leather and tobacco aromas.



Bits of the Ecuadorian chocolate can be seen from the container’s white facade, like little nuggets of gold.

One of the more traditional Italian gelato flavours in their roster with the iconic mixing of Fior di Latte and chocolate chips. To get the right size for the crunchy Ecuadorian chocolate, the chopped chocolate is filtered through a large-mesh to yield only the largest pieces.

GROM is available in select groceries and supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit their Instagram page here.

Photos from Grom

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