A Gift Guide For Your Post-Graduate Student Child

Give the perfect gift for your young adult kid who is currently in grad school.

The season of giving is fast approaching. Choosing the perfect gift for children is considerably an easy task. However, thinking of the perfect gift for your adult children is hard work. Young adults in their post-graduate studies are in a gray area in gift categorization—they are adults but still in school. Furthermore, young adults in their post-grad studies are in a state of finding themselves and navigating through life; thus, gifting them would surely be a dreadful task. 

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There are different post-graduate programs that young adults pursue. Some pursue different Master’s degrees in their respective fields of interest. Other post-graduate programs they involve themselves in are enrolling in med school or law school. Furthermore, these young adults need functional yet stylish gifts this coming holidays. 

Master’s Degree 

People enrolled in Master’s degree programs are often busy juggling work and academics. Therefore, keeping track of their schedule is one of the most important things they do on a daily basis. A functional gift for your kid currently getting their master’s degree is a designer planner or notebook. Keeping up with a busy schedule doesn’t mean you have to painstakingly do it on your phone or a regular notebook—it is time for you to invest in a gift they can use for their scheduling and organization. A Louis Vuitton Notebook Cover is a chic way to keep track of notes and schedule, perfect for gifting.

notebook lv
LV x YK Painted Dots Paul Notebook Cover/ Photo via Louis Vuitton website

Med Student 

Med students are one of the most busy people you will ever meet. They willingly burn countless hours studying. They also spend most of their time in hospitals training. Moreover, being future doctors, they value time so much. A minute, a second, or even a millisecond makes a difference in their field of study—therefore, gifting your medical student child a sensible wristwatch is the way to go. Furthermore, giving a med student a Vacheron Constantin Patrimony would understatedly level up their scrub suits.

watch vacheron
Vacheron Constantin Patrimony/ Photo via Vacheron Constantin website

Law Student

Law students carry so many things every day. From heavy codals and commentaries to laptops and tablets, their bags are always full and heavy. It just makes sense to give law students a lightweight tote bag that would fit everything they need to conquer recitations. The Bottega Veneta Large Arco Tote Bag is a perfect understated bag for a law student. Lightweight, large, and quietly stylish—the bag would surely make a law school outfit elevated. 

bottega veneta bag
Large Arco Tote Bag/ Photo via Bottega Veneta website

Banner photo via Bottega Veneta website.

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