Run The World: Guinness World Records Crowns Beyoncé Knowles As The "Queen Of Femme Pop" - Arts & Culture

Queen B didn’t need a crown, but they gave her one anyway.

Beyoncé has made the Guinness World Records Hall of Fame.

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“Dubbed ‘the first lady of music,’ Beyoncé Knowles has created a legacy that is unparalleled. With 20 record titles to her name, the Pop megastar has pushed boundaries and empowered women. While redefining music history in the process,” the Guinness World Records posted on its website.

Since 1999, the “Queen of Femme Pop” has continued to receive nominations and awards for her performances. She claimed Grammy records for most wins by a vocalist, as well as nominations and wins by a female artist.

“Throughout the years, Beyoncé’s award-winning work has promoted female empowerment. Focusing on feminine issues, and telling stories from a woman’s perspective,” Guinness wrote.

She has also set records at the BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Twitter, Hollywood, the United States, and Spain, among others.

“As she continues to grace the stage for years to come, Bey’s legacy will keep shining through her unforgettable performances, soulful tracks, and of course, her powerhouse vocals,” Guinness concluded.

Banner Photo by Beyoncé via Instagram.

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