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We expect a lot of green and pink tracksuits this year.

It’s Halloween! Well, nearly. As was last year’s celebration, if you have any notion of sacrifice for the less privileged around you, you will be spending Halloween safely at home, not falling out of a club and looking a little worse for wear in a sexy pumpkin costume.

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It might be hard to feel inspired about dressing up: after all, why make the effort when only your friends on Zoom will see? But I believe that dressing up at home in clothes you will someday wear outside the house can be a game-changer when improving your mood. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Here are some K-pop/K-drama inspired outfits for this year’s Halloween

Squid Game

The best part of dressing up like a player on Squid Game is that you probably already have the pieces in your wardrobe. After all, we have all been decked out in tracksuits in the last two years.

If however, you don’t have the correct shade, this H&M jacket and pants have it down to color and fit. All you need to do is to sew the numbers on yourself. If even that is too much effort, Shopee has the exact options available, but I think the H&M option is the way to go, so you can continue wearing the pieces after Halloween.

If you went nuts in April 2020 and bought a full-body PPE suit, congratulations, you have yourself a guard costume as well! If you bought yours in white, a little DIY dyeing will be your best bet, but if not, again, Shopee have a dearth of options. Fencing masks are a little hard to find, and the ones I saw are a bit expensive for just a Halloween costume, but they are available on Shopee as well.

If you want to look like Mugunghwa, the giant doll…thing in the Red Light, Green Light game, all this Heather Woven Dress on Zalora needs is a trim. Wear it over a Uniqlo Crew Neck T-Shirt, put your hair in pigtails, and there you go! Now you’re ready to strike fear in the hearts of everyone who so much looks at you in the wrong way.

SNSD’s Genie (or Sooyoung’s fancam)

If you’ve read my K-Pop-themed articles for a while, you’ll know that I love bringing up the world’s greatest girl group, SNSD. For years I have wanted to dress up as one of their video concepts, particularly Genie. Everything is wonderful about Genie. The song, the dance, and the very chic army/navy concept.

This is not a hard outfit to put together: all you need is a white blazer, white shorts, a sailor captain’s hat, sailor accessories, and heels. This iconic performance was the highest viewed performance in Korea at one point, and it’s very easy to see why.

If however, you find the idea of wearing heels on Zoom a little irrational (I agree), let’s go back to our tracksuits and dress as SNSD’s Sooyoung in her rehearsal fan cam that went viral. Grey sweatshirt, jeans, and sunglasses…ta-da! The easiest look you’ve ever put together. Be sure to scowl at everyone and move to stumble around like you have a hangover (while singing about alcoholic drinks) for added effect.

2PM’s My House

In 2015, my favorite boy group 2PM released My House to little fanfare. The group had enjoyed a few years at the top with certified party bangers like Hands Up and Heartbeat. My House came while the group was focusing on the Japanese market and at this point, Korea was under the chokehold of a certain growling boy group of 12/11/10/9 members. So My House came and went.

In January 2020, however, My House went viral. Thanks to a fancam of member Junho and his…generous posterior, the South Korean public went crazy for the sog. New K-Pop groups started covering it, the music video racked up views, and Junho, never the most popular member, suddenly became an It Boy. At 2PM’s latest comeback this year, they released an acoustic version, and the Japanese comeback also has a Japanese version. Nowadays, they almost always perform the song.

I’m a little sick of it, to be honest. A.D.T.O.Y, their best song, should be receiving this amount of love. However, I can’t deny the best costume option comes from the My House concept (unless you want to go all out with Heartbeat’s zombie lewks). It’s pretty much what you wore to the office when we had days in the office. I wanna take you to my house (or the closest Uniqlo, or maybe COS).

NCT Dream’s Hello Future

One of the year’s catchiest hits, Hello Future is a smorgasbord of hippie extravaganza. Tie-dye! More tie-dye! A search on Zalora for tie-dye will give you hundreds of options, so go crazy and get buying. One of the biggest trends this year is kitschy, beaded jewelry, which goes well with the look. You probably already have it.

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