Enjoy These Activities With Friends This Valentine’s Season

February is not just for those in a relationship as it could also be a Galentine’s event with friends.

It’s the time of the year again where couples get lovey-dovey. The season of Valentine’s is truly something that people in a relationship anticipate due to romantic dates, couple activities, and grand gestures of love. But February need not be just about those with significant others. The month of love is a perfect excuse for a Galentine’s celebration focused on individuality and womanhood.

Whether or not you’re single by choice, looking for but not yet finding someone, nursing a recent heartache, or you just want to hang out with your friends, there are ventures you can do together. Valentine’s day celebrates all kinds of love after all.

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So, what non-couple activities can you do with your main girls? Here are a few suggestions:

Give each other flowers

Who said flowers are only for people who are in a relationship? You can give these to your friends too! Arrange a brunch or dinner date with your peers which concludes with everyone giving each other flowers. 

Put a twist to it! Give your friends a piece or even a bouquet and explain why you picked a particular flower. There are meanings behind the kind of flower or its color, such as red means passion and desire, yellow symbolizes friendship, and so on. This exchange will prompt discussion about your thoughts about one another.

The kinds or colors of flowers have meanings
The kinds or colors of flowers have meanings/Photo from Jan Canty via Unsplash

Creating friendship bracelets together

Crafting friendship bracelets is not necessarily an activity strictly for kids as adults could do it, too! Due to the lyrics from Taylor Swift’s “You’re On Your Own Kid” and during her Eras Tour phenomenon, friendship bracelets are trendy once again!

There are easy Do-It-Yourself (DIY) friendship bracelet tutorials available once you hit the search engine! You will all enjoy this bonding activity whether or not you and your friends have prior experience with creating them. Put a spin to it by forming words that describe your friend for you and share it among your group.

Make friendship bracelets with your gal pals on Galentine’s day
Make friendship bracelets with your gal pals on Galentine’s day/Photo from Chinh de Luc via Unsplash

Remember: it’s the thought that counts, and it’s not about making it pretty.

Traveling to somewhere all of you haven’t been to

There is always thrilling fear when you’re off to uncharted territory. However, traveling somewhere you haven’t been to before with your friends could be an exciting undertaking!

This could be a spontaneous road trip to a nearby city you have never been to. It could be on a beach you’ve never seen before, or a place where you can try delicacies you’ve never tried yet! The possibilities are endless, you just need to consult your friends on where your next adventure would be. And, if they agree, embark on the journey together. It will be one of the most memorable experiences you do together for Galentine’s.

Add a fun twist to your activity: bring a map, discuss which places you’ve already visited, and what’s your next destination!

Unchartered territories with friends is always exciting
Unchartered territories with friends is always exciting/Photo from Felix Rostig via Unsplash

Traveling relieves stress, boosts happiness, and can strengthen your relationship with the people you’re with. 

A Galentine’s night of sharing

Gather yourselves in a circle after brunch or dinner with your friends and have everyone get a pen and a paper. Hold a compliment and gratitude sharing among yourselves. Thank them for sticking with you during the tough times and tell them their best attributes and what you love most about them. 

Life is messy and hard, making us forget the characteristics that make us beautiful as an individual. Sometimes, we all need a reminder that we are trying, we are not perfect, and we are loved. This activity will provide inspiration, drive, healing, and gratitude especially to the people who never left us in our battles and triumphs. 

Celebrate your friends through expressing gratitude and love for them
Celebrate your friends through expressing gratitude and love for them/Photo from Quan Nguyen via Unsplash

After doing so, toast to your friendship, and that it may endure the test of time and life. 

Wine and dine on Galentine’s

Exploring epicurean destinations for gourmet food and wines is another way to bond with your friends. Celebrate your singlehood with friends through indulging in a wine and food pairing date. It is a bonding experience elevated with a refined meal that everyone can delight in. 

Personalize your swanky feast by hosting your own wine pairing event! Have your friends bring either cheese, cold cuts, or wine and read up on easy food to cook perfect for pairing with spirits. 

A wine and dine date with friends is a great activity for Galentine’s day
A wine and dine date with friends is a great activity for Galentine’s day/Photo from Calvin Shelwel via Unsplash

The best thing about a Galentine’s day celebration is that it doesn’t have to be just on February 14. You can arrange friendly dates with your peers whenever you wish, as long as you all have time to take a break from life. Remember that your friends are the ones who know the real you, even before a potential love interest comes in the picture. Savor each moment with them and reciprocate their love and support.

Banner photo from Levi Guzman via Unsplash.

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