Dr. Jasmin Jamora’s Medical Missions In The Philippines

Through Dr. Jasmin Jamora’s dedicated efforts, she brings healing and hope to both hearts and minds, leaving a profound impact on the lives she touches.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s September 2023 Issue.

In the heart of the Philippines, where poverty and limited access to healthcare prevail, a dedicated and compassionate lady doctor has been making a significant difference.

Dr. Jasmin Jamora is a board certified dermatologist of the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS) by profession. 

Her parents are now both retired and had illustrious careers before that. Her father, Dr. Eduardo Jamora, was a pillar in pulmonary medicine and her mother, Dr. Sylvia Jacinto, was well known in the field of dermatology. 

Dr. Jasmin Jamora
Dr. Jasmin Jamora’s journey began when she was still a medical student

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Dr. Jasmin Jamora finished medicine at the UP College of Medicine, after which she did a year of internship in New York at Montefiore Medical Center. 

She completed her dermatology residency at the Skin and Cancer Foundation and then went on for additional postgraduate fellowship training at New York University in Immunodermatology studying blistering diseases and Indiana University for dermatopathology for reading biopsy slides to diagnosing skin diseases. 

She is also a teacher and a training officer of the Dermatology Department of Quirino Memorial Medical Center, and previous to that of the Skin and Cancer Foundation, teaching and training young doctors who specialize in dermatology.

The Power Of Empathy 

Witnessing the plight of impoverished families in her homeland, she felt a strong calling to use her medical skills to make a positive impact. 

Driven by empathy and a deep sense of responsibility, she pledged to dedicate her life to medical missions, reaching out to the underserved corners of the Philippines.

She would volunteer for medical missions with any organization that would have her. 

That included churches like Lifeline foundation, groups like UP College of Medicine Class 1962, the AFP Marines, the Philippine Dermatological Society (PDS), and the Union Church of Manila Philippines Foundation Inc. (UCMPFI). 

It was a time of fun and adventure as she would meet new friends who shared the same values as her.

Jasmin Jamora understands that empathy is an important tool in the medical field
Jasmin Jamora understands that empathy is an important tool in the medical field

They would travel to these remote areas by car, van or jeep; take an overnight bus to Banaue; ride the slow ro-ro boats to Mindoro to meet the Mangyans, a small plane to Benguet, a bigger plane to Mindanao to serve the Manobos, and with the military, even on a C130 plane and navy warship to the tip of Palawan!

She says, “It concerns me that some remote areas around our country don’t have access to care for challenging skin, hair and nail conditions. So it is my privilege and honor to contribute in a small way as a doctor and as a dermatologist to help where I can, through serving in medical missions and helping fill the gaps in specialist care in the healthcare system in remote areas. We can plug these patients into the hospitals and doctors where they are and help them achieve optimal skin health. Currently, the Department of Health and our government are working to provide universal health care for all, and we will hopefully see these health access gaps grow smaller.”

What sets Dr. Jasmin Jamora apart is her ability to connect with patients on a deeply human level. She understands that healing goes beyond medical treatment; it involves empathizing with the struggles, fears, and aspirations of the people she serves.

Her warm and caring demeanor creates a safe space for patients to share their stories, making the healing process a holistic experience. 

It is her empathic nature that makes her the perfect candidate to sit on the boards of UCMPFI and World Vision Philippines, excellent NGOs where she has the opportunity to contribute to the oversight and governance of these amazing organizations which focus on child nutrition and education completion. 

She is also a current board director and serves as Vice President of the PDS. One of the PDS’s missions is service and outreach, including providing the public with education on skin health, and an awareness on skin safety.

The PDS outreach team is now conducting skin missions in jails around the country to help render dermatologic service to persons deprived of liberty.

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Photos by Kieran Punay of KLIQ Inc.

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