Dr. Windie Villarica-Hayano On The Importance Of Skin Health

Skin Inc.’s Dr. Windie Villarica-Hayano discusses the positive impact of skin health for one’s mental well-being and self-confidence.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s May 2023 Issue.

From entering the medicine field just as cosmetic and laser dermatology was taking off to becoming managing director of her own clinic, Dr. Windie Villarica-Hayano has gained the expertise to care for the most visible human defense: our skin.

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After graduating from St. Luke’s College of Medicine in 2000 and studying abroad for a couple of years, Villarica-Hayano returned to Manila for work. She shares that during this time, she had gone through several difficult pregnancies. “My life as I knew it stopped. I had miscarriages and I knew I had to focus on that,” she says.

Still pregnant and on bed rest, the doctor wasn’t sure what would become of her career. But a call from her current partner, Dr. Sandy Tan, turned things around. 

The group practice was born through their collaboration, along with fellow board certified, globally trained doctors Jacqueline Ty-So and Maximin Navarro. “Our values have always been evidence-based medicine while being at the cutting edge of science,” shares Villarica-Hayano.

Skin Inc.'s managing director, Dr. Windie Villarica-Hayano
Skin Inc.’s managing director, Dr. Windie Villarica-Hayano


Every person’s skin is unique and requires its own treatment based on its needs. Which is why Skin Inc. offers highly customized, ethical, and individual treatments for their patients.

“This mentality allows both doctors and patients to take ownership of the decisions that will benefit them the most,” Villarica-Hayano states. When asked what the most rewarding part of her job is, the doctor answers that it’s a “happy, healthy, and beautiful patient.”

“Guiding them and helping them with their health issues is our main goal. A lot of people underestimate the stress and the impact of skin disease,” she shares. “It is also very rewarding to see the positive impact it has on our patients’ mental health and self-confidence. I see them transform and be better versions of themselves.”

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Photo by Ed Simon of KLIQ, Inc.

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