Visionary Romy Sia Keeps Healthy Options On Top of Its Game

With over 33 stores across the country, Healthy Options has established itself in the food industry. As a store that guarantees offerings of the best quality, customers can be assured they receive products without artificial ingredients. Owner Romy Sia knows the value of an educated customer. “An educated customer is a good customer,” he shares. Hence, he is proud that one doesn’t have to read their product labels. The very mission and practice of their store already guarantee natural and healthy products.

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Romy Sia. (Photographed by Ed Simon for Studio 100)

Transparency in business

From the ’90s to ’00s, Romy observed people only wanted supplements to maintain or bring back the healthy state of their bodies. “But now, no,” Romy says. “People know that to control diabetes, hypertension, premature aging, [you don’t just need to] to work out, [you also have to] fuel your body, eat the right stuff.” This development of consciousness over health elevated the status of Healthy Options in the industry. Romy recognized that the brand need not only to offer healthy products. Healthy Options also has to be transparent in its processes. Romy says, “You can’t bullshit customers because they will just go and check Google.”

Apart from being honest with where they source their products, the company emphasizes to keep wellbeing at the forefront of their mission. “It’s about sharing what you know,” Romy says, to help people be mindful of their bodies.

Read the full feature of Romy Sia written by Pipo Gonzales in Lifestyle Asia’s August Edition titled, “The Essence of Beauty.”

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