Unveiling the Modern Muse: Heart Ongpauco-Escudero's Art on Jewelry

With vivid colors in blues, reds, and browns, the paintings of Heart Ongpauco-Escudero easily captivate. Her unique style in portraying the modern woman delights fans, art enthusiasts, and everyone who celebrates the beauty of womanhood. The paintings may be rare and quite difficult to own but we have seen them on handbags and apparel. Yet it is wonderful to know that we can now wear her beautiful artworks through jewelry. Royal Gem partners with Heart to create The Modern Muse jewelry. Each piece tells a story close to Heart and is an exquisite addition to your collection.

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LEFT: A Glimmer in the Garden. RIGHT: In Full Bloom.
LEFT: Muted Euphoria. RIGHT: Tres Marias.

In full bloom

At the launch of The Modern Muse, Heart reveals she used to paint only when she is feeling melancholic. Yet she realized it should not always be the case. “It’s my way of expressing myself: when I am sad, I am in love, or when I am inspired. It’s a mood; I paint when I feel like it,” she says. In her In Full Bloom exhibit last year, it featured several of her artworks in bolder and more vibrant colors. Yet each painting seem to convey different moods and stories. This brought Royal Gem General Manager Merrill Gaisano to bring Heart’s artworks to wearable pieces through The Modern Muse jewelry. It includes features of A Glimmer in the Garden, Tres Marias, and In Full Bloom paintings.

The Cameo selection.
The Italian Gold selection includes pendants for necklaces and charms for bracelets.

Statement pieces of success

While some of the pieces contain full-colored art or the Italian Gold selection, others are hand-carved onto Queen Helmet conch shells or the Cameo selection. Yet each kind is truly unique and personal.

The collaboration is special because of how Heart is open to sharing her personal artworks. “It is so intricate, it is so delicate, it just makes sense for my painting to be part of somebody’s [routine],” she says. When asked if she has a favorite among the collection, she gave none. She explains, “I love all my paintings; there is a different occasion to use each [jewelry].” While each piece in the collection holds an aura of sophistication, Heart gives advice on how to wear it. “[Jewelry] is a way to express myself, an extension of who I am… If you associate that no matter what you wear–you can be wearing jeans or you are wearing a gown– it could still be the same pieces. You just have to feel good and comfortable about it.”

The limited-edition 2019 Royal Gem x Love Marie Jewelry Collection: The Modern Muse is available on www.royalgemjewelry.com and in select Royal Gem stores starting September 17, 2019.

Photos from Royal Gem.

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