Song Hye-Kyo Wins Grand Prize At Blue Dragon Series Awards

The Korean actress’ exceptional performance in ‘The Glory’ has received high praise from critics and fans alike.

At the second Blue Dragon Series Awards on Wednesday, July 19, Song Hye-kyo received the Daesang or Grand Prize award for her role in Netflix’s The Glory.

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This is the actress’ third Daesang since her debut in the entertainment industry in 1996. She first received the grand prize in 2013 for her performance in That Winter, The Wind Blows at the APAN Star Awards. Her role in Descendants of the Sun got her another Daesang in 2016 at the KBS Drama Awards.

Song Hye Kyo at the Blue Dragon Series Awards
Image via Instagram @kyo1122

“I am very happy to receive such a grand award on such a grand occasion. I couldn’t have done well without these wonderful crew members,” she said in her speech.

“After the drama ended, when I looked at my co-actors’ interviews, they all said that I had helped them a lot. But it seems that I acted harder and gained more energy because of them.”

While thanking the rest of the crew of The Glory, Song grew more emotional and took a small pause. Then, someone in the crowd shouted “You’re so pretty, Song Hye-kyo!” making the actress smile while everyone cheered for her.

Song Hye Kyo at the Blue Dragon Series Awards
Image via Instagram @kyo1122

Song ended her speech admitting that she doesn’t think she would ever get an opportunity like this again. So for the first time, she took the chance to praise herself, saying “You’ve worked hard, Hye-kyo.”

Song later posted photos of the night on her Instagram with the caption “It was a happy time. Thank you.”

Her onscreen rival Lim Ji-yeon also took home the prize for Best Supporting Actress. In The Glory, Lim’s character and her friends torment Song’s Moon Dong-eun in high school, causing her to drop out. Years later, Moon enacts a meticulous plan to get revenge on all her bullies.

Song Hye-kyo in her role as Moon Dong-eun
Image via Instagram @kyo1122

The story was inspired by real incidents, bringing to light the systemic school violence that has impacted Korean society for decades.

Banner image via Instagram @kyo1122.

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