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The founder of Le Meur Aesthetics sets expectations on fire while establishing a community that will resist the pressure to stride over others.

Life, as we know it, has an interesting way of throwing challenges. No matter what you’ve come up against in the past or how you imagine your future looks, life is seemingly not selective of who to test. It is not merciful either. It charges when you least expect it to—be it in the form of loss, failure, or self-doubt. The good news is that, in most cases, you can take the necessary steps to manage the situation the best you can and reclaim control of your life. This includes having a healthy network of people whom you can turn to during a dilemma. Regardless of who you choose them to be, what’s important is that you feel comfortable talking about your feelings and frustrations with them.

Mae Ng on creating a healthy support system for seekers of happiness through beauty: “Let’s break the mentality that tramples on our self-esteem and tells us we’re not good enough.”

The same goes for skin care concerns. There are times that we feel unhappy with some parts of our looks, and we shy away from the idea of allowing ourselves to talk about what we’re dealing with—all due to the fear of being humiliated and harshly criticized. As a result, we get stuck with what we don’t like about ourselves, leaving us feeling even more anxious, embarrassed, and self-conscious. Hence, having a group of people we can trust with our skin and body care decisions can make a whole lot of difference. “We need to build a community for people who need help in discovering a new chapter in their beauty,” says Mae Ng, founder of Le Meur Aesthetics, as she establishes a skin care support system for all ages and genders.


Long before becoming the president of Le Meur Aesthetics, Mae Ng was once a young girl whose beauty decisions were often frowned upon. “My peers would ask me why I spend so much on my skin and waste so much money on beauty products,” she discloses. It was as if skin care was some foolish hobby that she should just give up without hesitation. Later on she figured she did not need to succumb to other people’s expectations of her and that she just needed to find her people.

So, on top of her daily clerical job, Mae kept herself occupied with entrepreneurial studies, in hopes of building a kingdom of her own in the beauty landscape—with which she can be both an inspiration and a morale booster for people who want to improve themselves unapologetically. “Beauty is not an overnight magic,” she firmly tells Lifestyle Asia. “You have to work on it everyday, and you do it with a support system that neither humiliates you nor judges your decisions into being the best and happiest version of yourself.”

“We need to build a community for people who need help in discovering a new chapter in their beauty,” says the founder of Le Meur Aesthetics.


Brick by brick, Mae Ng was able to construct Le Meur Aesthetics, which she envisions not only as a brand, but also as the kind of support system that her younger self needed back then—a community who embraces the parts of her that make her happy, and accepts her still if ever she decides to change those that make her unhappy. “Crab mentality is not happening,” declares the aesthetics clinic president. “Not on my watch.”

For Mae, it’s much easier to move forward from self-doubt and body image issues if there are people willing to push you upwards instead of pulling you back down. By initiating a skin care support system in the kingdom she built, Mae Ng is positive that body-shaming and negative self-talk will no longer hold power over people in the near future, and that people will be able to reclaim their sense of self-worth, alongside people who encourage self-care rather than worsen body dissatisfaction.

Le Meur Aesthetics is a skin care line that uses French technology to help you find happiness through beauty. For more information, visit the Le Meur Aesthetics website at lemeur.co.

Banner photo by EXCEL PANLAQUE.

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