Hermès Turns Common Materials Into Refined Home Decor Pieces

For the 2019/2020 home collection of Hermès, the French luxury brand turned to common materials for inspiration. Hermès wanted to emphasize how each material around us is never in a fixed state. People have the capacity to transform them into different forms. This innovation-centered attitude produced an array of fixtures like vases, baskets, and furnishing fabrics perfect for adding elegance to your home. From bronze and granite to porcelain and leather, these home products take on new and unique forms.

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The exhibit at La Pelota, Italy. (Photograph courtesy of Francois Lacour)

The breeding ground for innovation

Their newest roster of interior decor items represents the balance of beauty and function. Hermès Maison Deputy Art Director Charlotte Macaux Perelman shares their inspiration. “We wanted to work the material ‘raw’; highlighting ‘uncovered’ leather [and] the texture of wood and stone,” she says. This year’s collection is a breeding ground for imagination and talent to flourish. Different designers and artisans collaborated to create products focusing on the materials’ lines, patterns, and textures.

In the exhibit at La Pelota, Italy, the vibrant pieces contrast well against a stoic stonework maze. The somber, earthy background highlights the beauty of the products. The exhibit encourages appreciation of the materials’ origins and how they were transformed into refined pieces for home or office.

Scroll below to learn about some of the elegant and impressive Hermès 2019/2020 Home Collection.

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Coulisse table lamps of Tomas Alonso. The colored paper of the table lamp unveils a unique geometric composition. It connects to copper-plated steel that supports the light source and creates theatre-like shadows. Each lamp combines bamboo, paper, and aluminum.
LEFT: Hécate, Barber & Osgerby. RIGHT: Halo, Barber & Osgerby. The Hécate lamp features a black granite that contrasts well with the white porcelain of the Halo lamp. When placed side by side, the two lamps create a beautiful balance amidst the stark difference in material.
LEFT: Paddock vases of Studio Hermès. RIGHT: Rubans Casaque magazine basket of Studio Hermès in collaboration with Amandine Chhor, Guillaume Delvigne, Aïssa Logerot, and Paola Sabourin.
LEFT: Animaux camouflés finesse flocked wallpaper of Studio Hermès and Jan Bajtlik. RIGHT: Les Hippomobiles plaid of Studio Hermès and Gianpaolo Pagni. The plaid consists of embroidered cashmere with colored beads.
LEFT: Célèbes bowls of Studio Hermès. RIGHT: H casaque boxes of Studio Hermès. The boxes took inspiration from the bright silk jackets of jockeys. Each mahogany container combines different skins and textured grains.

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