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The fun doesn’t end with just Mahjong for Hermès

Recently, you’ve probably seen on your feed some posts featuring the newly released Hermès Helios Mahjong set worth $42,000 USD. Quite a surprise to many, but for frequent clients, board games and other recreational pieces are just another part of standard fare from the brand. So, for those yet in the know or if Mahjong isn’t your preferred pastime at home, here are other fun pieces you can purchase from Hermès’ online store.

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Helios Mahjong Set

Let’s start with the current star, the Helios Mahjong Set, which is made with solid Rosewood and printed Swift calfskin. The earthy hue of the box beautifully cases the apricot tinted tiles it holds inside. All of the set’s 144 tiles are printed in full leather making for a delicate sound when they are shuffled.


Horsecut Chess Game

If you prefer chess over mahjong, Hermès still has you covered. Priced lower than the Helios set at $8000 USD, the minimalistic design of the board and chess pieces highlight the natural sheen of the ebonised mahogany. If you prefer a brighter design, the Samarcande chess set is made with a mix of sycamore and mahogany—plus with magnetized chess pieces.


Declick Dice Game

Not a game in itself but a handy tool for multiple. This 5-dice set is made with maple marquetry and comes with a felt mat for rolling and a bridle leather case for storage. Priced at $1070 USD, its uses are endless with whatever game requires a dice—a must-try for snakes & ladders.


La Collection Emile Hermes Memory Game

Made in France, this simple yet entertaining memory game features beautiful ornate drawings from the Emile Hermès Collection on silver-edged playing cards. Priced at $270 USD, it makes for a charming family gift.

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Strike Skittle

Ingeniously designed, this Hermès skittle set may seem like a plain wooden cylinder in a leather bridle at first glance. But once freed from its leather bound reveals its true nature of this $2570 USD game. Think of skittle as some form of bowling variant, the cylinder divides into six equal slices, becoming the pins to topple over and incased inside is ball, which you’ll then use to strike the pins.


Jumping Giant Mikado Game

It is what you expect it is—Hermès takes the basic design of the pick up sticks game and adds an equestrian twist. Priced at $1320 USD, the tinted sycamore sticks takes its colors and patterns from show jumping obstacles, making for a more vibrant and difficult game.


Cavalcadour Short Board

Lastly, if playing with others isn’t really your way of fun you can enjoy some solitude outside (with a mask, of course) by breezing through the streets with this gorgeous short board worth $3420 USD. Made with Vosges Maple, the design features the colorful story of Hermès silk scarves.

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