Hollywood Celebrities Who Wrote Fiction Books

From screen to pages, these celebrities offer a fresh perspective with their compelling fiction. Discover a side of your favorite Hollywood stars you never knew existed.

In the world of Hollywood, the spotlight shines on their performances and personas. But there’s a lesser-known but equally fascinating realm that some A-listers venture into – the world of fiction literature

We often hear of stars transitioning from TV to the silver screen or from acting to singing. But what about making the leap from the on-screen glamour to the realm of written words?

A life filled with fame, fortune, and the rollercoaster of relationships. For these high-profile individuals, the allure of penning tell-all memoirs about life in the fast lane is a common path. 

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However, there’s a group of celebrities who’ve chosen a more imaginative route. They ventured into the world of fiction and children’s books.

While their books may not be hailed as literary masterpieces, they offer something invaluable: an escape into worlds of their own making.

So, if you’re yearning to sprinkle a little Tinseltown magic onto your reading list, join us as we explore the works of 5 celebrities you never knew tried their hand at fiction.

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff, known for her role as a powerhouse editor on Younger, has demonstrated her writing prowess beyond the camera. 

The Lizzie McGuire star ventured into the world of young adult fiction with her debut novel, Elixir, released in October 2010. 

The story revolves around Clea Raymond. She is a talented photojournalist whose life takes a tumultuous turn after her father’s disappearance. 

Then here comes the arrival of a mysterious stranger named Sage, who may be her only source of help. 

Duff expressed her love for the escape that a great book provides, especially one featuring a strong and relatable female character.

Clea and Sage’s story continues in two more books in the series, titled Devoted and True.

Hilary Duff signs copies of her fiction book at Anderson Book Shop in Naperville, IL, USA on October 16, 2010.
Hillary Duff/Photo by Adam Bielawski via Wikimedia Commons

Tom Hanks

When you’re Tom Hanks, there’s no better mentor to learn from than the acclaimed screenwriter Nora Ephron. 

This Academy Award-winning actor and screenwriter initially dabbled in screenplays. It was a particular segment of the Sleepless in Seattle script that irked him. 

He shared his grievances with Nora and fellow screenwriter Delia Ephron, leading to a major rewrite. 

When the film was released, Nora told him, “You wrote that.” 

This marked the beginning of Hanks’ writing journey, which eventually led to the publication of his collection of short stories, “Uncommon Type,” in 2017.

Tom Hanks at the Sully Japan Premiere. Hanks wrote fiction books because of Sleepless in Seattle.
Tom Hanks/Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson via Wikimedia Commons

Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher is best known for her role in Confessions of a Shopaholic

She is the creative mind behind a series of books titled “Marge in Charge.” The chronicling adventures of Marge, a quirky babysitter, and her charges, Jakey and Jemima Button. 

For Fisher, her most important editors are her own children. 

She prioritizes their enjoyment of the story, “If the story becomes boring, they just walk out of the room,” Isla told Entertainment Weekly. 

“If my real editor, who’s brilliant, asks me to cut something, but the tiny people I have read it to have laughed at that moment, then I won’t trim it. I am not writing the books for 30-year-olds, and I just want to please my audience,” Fisher said. 

Isla Fisher posing for the camera. This is posted on her Instagram.
Isla Fisher/Photo via Instagram @islafisher

Tyra Banks

From one supermodel to another, Tyra Banks added her name to the New York Times bestsellers list in 2011.

With her young adult novel, Modelland, this science fiction novel unfolds in an “alternative Earth.” 

The story is about aspiring models competing for a chance to attend “Modelland,” an elite school for training “Intoxibellas,” or supermodels. 

Banks described the story as a fusion of Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and America’s Next Top Model. 

If you’re looking for a captivating and unique read, Modelland promises an enticing escape from the ordinary.

Tyra Banks posing in an all-black outfit.
Tyra Banks/Photo via Instagram @tyrabanks

Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke, a two-time Academy Award winner, has authored three novels and a graphic novel since 1996. 

His book, Rules for a Knight, takes the form of a letter from a knight to his children before embarking on a journey into battle. This is a concept rooted in his family’s values. 

Ethan’s work initially began as the rules of his own household but evolved into a reflection on their principles and beliefs. 

His children were the first to receive a published copy of the rules, and he later shared his insights with a wider audience.

Ethan Hawke's photo in Toronto.
Ethan Hawke/Photo via Instagram @ethanhawke

Star Writers

In a world where celebrities often shine in the limelight, these stars have demonstrated their creative versatility by taking on the challenge of becoming authors. 

Their forays into fiction, whether through young adult novels, short stories, children’s tales, or unique sci-fi adventures, offer readers a delightful and unexpected escape into the world of storytelling. 

So, if you’re in the mood for a light and enjoyable reading experience, consider adding these to your bookshelf with one of these celebrity-authored works.

Banner photo via Instagram @_lightroomldn and @tomhanks.

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