Four Fashion Houses Who Made Noise This Fashion Week

These four haute couture houses celebrated outstanding dressmaking through their collection.

Couture Week in Paris is one of the most exciting times in the fashion industry. Different Haute Couture houses are given the platform to showcase their design codes and new ways to elevate their crafts as a couture brand. Moreover, in this year’s Fall/Winter Haute Couture collections, fashion houses have outdone themselves and stood out. 

But before diving into the brands that are stand-outs, knowing what haute couture first is a must. Haute couture is French for “high dressmaking.” This means that such collections branded as haute couture are considered the highest form of fashion artistry. The Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode is the governing body of the French fashion industry. It is also the organization that handpicks fashion houses allowed to brand their collections, haute couture. 

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Clothes from haute couture collections are also not easy to purchase. Since these collections are described as the highest form of artistry and quality, only one garment per look should be produced. Purchasing Haute Couture also comes with a very hefty price tag since owning one means it’s fitted to your body and your liking. 


One of the most viral Haute Couture collections to date, Valentino’s Fall/Winter Haute Couture Collection deserves all the praise. Pier Paolo Piccioli, Valentino’s creative director, reminded everyone that couture is not all about the avant-garde looks, it is also about the highest form of craftsmanship a fashion house can offer. The internet was stunned when Kaia Gerber opened the show with a seemingly simple white oversized button-down and jeans. But upon further inspection, the jeans were purely made of silk, just embroidered with thousands of beads that made it look like acid-washed jeans.

Kaia Gerbe in look 1/Photo via Valentino website

The collection also received a rare standing ovation from Anna Wintour. Piccioli also gave the creators of the garments their flowers. By making them walk the runway—honoring the hard-working artisans behind the collection.

Thom Browne

For a brand that made its Haute Couture debut, Thom Browne did well. Staying true to its house codes of masterful garment craftsmanship—the brand showcased its design intelligence with different looks in the same color palette. The fashion house created avant-garde looks while at the same time making it wearable for the client.

Look 21/Photo via Thom Browne website


Daniel Roseberry produced another well-received Haute Couture collection. The collection took inspiration from surrealist artists—paying homage to Elsa Schiaparelli, an artist herself. Dresses that are inspired by Yves Klein Blue, Lucian Freud, and other surrealist artists walked the runway. 

Mosaic inspired look/Photo via Instagram @schiaparelli

Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen made everyone speechless with her new couture collection. “Van Herpen draws from the aquatic urbanism movement by focusing on the physiological, behavioral, and structural adaptations of biological organisms,” the brand captioned. Ethereal dresses that resemble the waves of the sea and dresses that move like marine organisms were showcased. 

Oceanix look/Photo via Instagram @irisvanherpen

Banner photo via Valetino website.

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