Historic Journey: Explore The Roots Of The Philippines 

Traverse Philippine history by visiting the walled city, Intramuros, and learn about the country’s heritage and story. 

June is an important month for the Philippines. Every 12th of the month, the country celebrates its Independence Day. A day the Filipinos gained sovereignty and independence over Spanish colonization. Knowing more about the rich history of the Philippines and its heritage is a must for every Filipino and an opportunity for tourists. 

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Step into the past and appreciate the rich history by exploring one of the historical hotspots in the country, Intramuros. The walled city contains historic areas integral to Philippine history. Visiting these places in Intramuros helps you foster your sense of nationalism. 

Fort Santiago

Known for serving as the headquarters of the different foreign powers in Philippine History, Fort Santiago, with its historical relevance, is a must-visit destination. The citadel was built in 1571 as a fort for the then-newly established City of Manila.

Fort Santiago entrance
Fort Santiago entrance/Photo courtesy of Klook

Baluarte de San Diego

Once the site of a foundry and soldier’s barracks, Baluarte de San Diego is now an archeological park. Often rented for private events, the historic landmark provides a unique backdrop for those who visit it.

Baluarte de San Diego garden
Baluarte de San Diego garden/Photo via Intramuros website

Casa Manila Museum 

Casa Manila Museum is a sneak peek into the past lives of affluent Filipino families during the 1850s. The furniture on display mirrors the daily life of those who lived comfortably during the Spanish era.

Casa Manila Museum
Casa Manila Museum/Photo courtesy of Klook

Museo de Intramuros

This landmark was the former San Ignacio Church and the Mission House of the Society of Jesus. The now Museo de Intramuros houses different artifacts that tell the story of Christianism in the Philippines. 

Artifacts in Museo de Intramuros
Artifacts in the museum/Photo courtesy of Klook

On the flip side, there are also activities in the walled city that will help you explore the country’s historical roots in style. While exploring the landmarks, you can rent an heirloom Filipiniana and Barong, a BamBike, or a White Knight Electric Chariot. There are also corresponding tours that use BamBikes or White Knight Electric Chariot to go around Intramuros.

BamBikes intramuros
BamBikes/Photo courtesy of Klook

For an easier and more systematic tour around Intramuros, Klook launched an Intramuros Pass that will help you organize your historical immersion trip. All listed activities and places are included in the pass once booked. 

Banner photo courtesy of Klook.

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