Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Fly In Style With These Traveling Companions

Make any holiday trip personal and comfortable with these gifts

This Christmas season, make your holiday trips more enjoyable with these incredible traveling companions. Apart from giving you comfort in long-haul flights, you get to complete your ensemble with chic style pieces from luxurious brands. We’ve listed down these items you can gift for fellow high-fliers.

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Bottega Veneta Maxi Intreccio Tote in Nappa

A classic well-made leather bag that you can pass on from generation to generation. A symbol of style and reliability, you can never go wrong with this. Male or female, one would truly appreciate this travel gift. The ultimate leather bag that anyone would want to have made of Italian leather and beautifully crafted in that iconic Bottega weave.

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Bose Noise Masking Sleepbuds

By far Bose has the best sounding Bluetooth earphones. It has both style and sound quality. Perfect for hearing nothing at all, great for long haul flights and inevitable screaming toddlers in the business class.

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Off White X Rimowa Suitcase

Launched last August 2019, this suitcase is a statement in itself. It’s called “The Quote”. It certainly carries the durability that Rimowa brings and coolness of Off White. Chic and young it is.

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SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

You need to moisturize especially in long haul flights. The mask intensively hydrates skin, making it supple and looking fresh. This crème de la crème of face masks is made of 100 percent cotton and certainly should be an
in-flight staple.

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Prada Nylon Pouches/Bags

Timeless pouches extend beyond fashion--it is a staple in everybody’s travel bag or luggage. It’s simple, durable, and you can have as many of it in all shapes and colors. It can be a toiletry bag, cosmetic bag, bag for electronic devices and chargers, travel essentials, or anything that you can think of. It keeps everything and anything organized in a chic way.

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Bizond Portable Ozone Generator

For you germophobes out there, this is the best travel companion. A convenient travel cup size device that sterilizes and purifies up to 99% of allergens, bacteria,
and chemicals in an area up to 10 square feet. Turn this on on-board or in your hotel room, your immune system will certainly be the happiest.

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Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Always top-rated in reviews, there is no doubt that this portable Bluetooth speaker will be a great gift. Full, clear
sound with a cool compact design, it is also waterproof for the beach lovers out there, dustproof, and safe to say, it will survive the wildest of vacations.

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I’m not a fan of wires especially if I’m seated on a plane. It restricts my movement. If you are a movie buff and watch inflight entertainment all the time, this is an essential travel buddy and can be a perfect travel gift to globetrotters. It’s a Bluetooth transmitter for Apple AirPods and other wireless headphones that can connect to inflight entertainment systems. It’s so small that you can put it anywhere, even just inside your pocket.

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HERMÈS Mythiques Phoenix Coloriage Shawl 140

Made of cashmere and silk, this quality stylish piece brings you warmth, anytime you need it. It’s so versatile that makes it a great travel garment. It can also spice up any outfit at any part of your travel. It’s a smart investment
or timeless gift that anyone can appreciate and use for a lifetime. It is the true epitome of luxury.

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