Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Yuletide Tech & Gadget Gifts - Play

Plug and play in luxurious fashion without compromising the pleasures of quality with these awesome gadgets.

Splurging is no-question during this time of year, especially on gifts that you want your loved ones to really enjoy. As per usual, one of the best gifts to get this Christmas is the latest tech and gadgets that provide a seamless luxurious experience at the forefront of technology mixed with the newest, sleek, and modern designs. From innovative smartwatches to the most powerful phones in the market, this gift list showcases all the high-tech trinkets that are a must-have for this season and will surely come in handy coming into the new year.

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Tambour Horizon 2019 Edition

Function meets luxury in the latest edition of the brand’s line of smartwatches. A watch face that can display multiple time zones and a pollution indicator, the LV City Guide app, and a mic to support Google Assistant make it a wonderful addition to your global sojourns.

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iPhone 11 Pro Max

With a battery life the envy of its predecessors, a super-bright display, and high power triple cameras with night mode, this masterpiece is set to kill competition. Get its battery to 50% in 30 minutes. And with Apple’s slow-motion selfies, you’ll surely want to buy one for yourself too. I’m not stopping you.

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Apple Watch Hermès

Support anyone’s wellness goals with one of the best fitness smartwatches of 2019. People seem to forget that the Apple Watch carries the best fitness tracker among its peers. With a heart rate sensor, a noise detection system, period and fertility tracker, and a feature where a rough tumble makes it ask it’s wearer whether they’re okay or if there’s a need to call for help, it could be a
lifesaver as well.

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Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Who doesn’t want a gadget that not only does its job well but also makes you look crazy good while doing it? Bose, known for its cutting edge technology and sleek design aesthetic impresses even more with its noise-canceling features. Not even roadwork or the sound of drilling can get past the comfortable chamfered shimmer-finished cups.

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Galaxy Tab S6

The best Android tablet is the newest iteration of the brand’s Tab S line. Two rear cameras? Cool. It’s high-end processor? Awesome. And with the best AMOLED display the market has to offer, it’s an extremely useful piece. The S Pen stylus is pretty neat as well.

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V-Lux 5

One of the most multi-faceted and most versatile cameras in its product portfolio, the V-Lux 5’s high-performance zoom lens and a newly developed, larger sensor are responsible for its excellent imaging performance. Its fast autofocus and a high continuous shooting rate ensure no moment is left uncaptured. Perfect for 2020’s special moments.

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Galaxy Note 10

This multi-device carries the Note’s largest battery yet, an impressive internal storage of up to 512 GB (expandable by up to another 1TB via microSD card), and a new camera system with pro-grade movie technology and full editing studio for exquisite photos and videos.

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Area 51-M

Reward him with the most powerful gaming laptop to
date. Its desktop hardware and bright RGB lighting make it an easy choice to replace his now-old 2019 gaming buddy. A socketed CPU and replaceable graphics system make it extremely user-upgradeable - which means that it is definitely ready for future innovations. Exciting!

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ThinkPad XI Carbon

More work than play? No problem. This is one of the best
laptops with business-grade capabilities. The 15.5-hour battery life and a rapid charging feature that can bring it up to 80% of its battery life in an hour make it the ultrabook that’s perfect for school or even at the corporate setting.

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Powerstation XL

Designed to be one of the best power banks for the iPhone and iPad, this handy gadget is packed with more power than ever at 10,000mAh (giving you more than three extra charges for your phone). Two USB ports give its users the capability of charging two things at once. Pretty handy.

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