Horror Nights: 6 Thrilling And Suspenseful Films That We Binged on Netflix - Arts & Culture

The list includes a Korean zombie film you may have missed.

Halloween is less than three weeks away, and it’s the best time for horror, thriller, and slasher movie lovers to revel in these films on Netflix right now. While the pandemic is still looming around us, you can trade in a costume party for a movie marathon at home.

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Here are our six recommendations for films to ride the spooky season. From a Stephen King classic to films from The Conjuring and Saw franchises, you won’t feel short of the jump scares and screams you’d get from a horror house attraction.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

The new slasher flick just premiered on Netflix last October 6 and is currently in the top 5 most streamed in the Philippines today. The film adaptation of Stephanie Perkins’ horror novel with the same title follows high-school student Makani (Sydney Park).

Together with her friends from Osborne High School, Makani tries to unmask a mysterious killer who’s targeting the teens while revealing their darkest secrets.

The Guilty 

In his newest suspense movie, Jake Gyllenhaal plays 911 phone operator Joe Baylor. The entire one-and-a-half-hour film is set within a single night, where Baylor scrambles to find the truth behind a harrowing 911 call. Initially a police detective, Baylor was demoted to the operator post for a shocking reason you’ll find out in the ending.


What’s Halloween without Stephen King? The 2013 film adaptation of King’s 1974 horror novel of the same name tells the story of misfit teenager Carrie White (Chloe Grace Moretz).

At school, she’s a victim of severe bullying by her classmates, while she’s raised by an extremist mother (Julianne Moore). However, little do the people around her know she has a secret power of telekinesis—and it’s what she uses to get back at them.

The Curse of La Llorona 

Here’s one for the supernatural horror movie fans. Set in Los Angeles in the seventies, a spirit called La Llorona stalks a single mother’s (Lina Cardellini) children. Despite receiving warnings from other people, the mother finds her kids being drawn to a supernatural realm. 

If you’ve enjoyed The Conjuring films (Anabelle, The Nun, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It), you’re in for a jump-scare-filled treat as The Curse of La Llorona is connected to The Conjuring Universe.


Yes, we have a Korean film to recommend, and it’s a suspenseful zombie survival one. Yoo Ah-in (Secret Affair, Beoning) plays a man trying to stay safe from a zombie-creating-virus locked alone in his apartment. However, sans internet and any digital connection, he’s desperate to find a way to escape. 

Just when he’s losing all hope, he discovers another survivor in a woman played by Park Sin-hye (He is Beautiful, Doctors). 


If you want gore but have already watched all of the Saw movies, you might have missed that Jigsaw is from the same blood-filled franchise. In the film released in 2017, police are puzzled when the murders of a killer resemble the doing of one that’s been dead for a decade.

Banner photo from Netflix.

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