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Bring back the intimacy of eating homemade food with loved ones

Most of us remain to be cocooned today. The pandemic is still not allowing people to press play from this great pause and move forward with how life was. For Filipinos, it’s been one year of life practically spent indoors. We’ve all rediscovered our homes and developed hobbies through it. And if there’s an area in our abode that has become busier in the past year when nourishment is key, it’s the kitchen. This has always been known to be the heart of the home, and it’s felt even more so these days. Whether you’re pursuing your passion for cooking or simply looking to serve more delicious meals for your family, the importance of the kitchen and having quality, reliable, and durable appliances in it should be top of mind.

Meals shared at home are always bonding opportunities for the family.

Before the pandemic, we would only gather with our families for home-cooked meals a few times a month, whether it’s because we’re too busy or because we always have the option to eat out. But now, we’re staying at home altogether and have to plan out the daily meals from breakfast and lunch, to snacks and dinner. This is why there’s no better time to invest in well-made, beautifully designed, and long-lasting kitchen equipment than today. With the quantity of food items that need to be stored and preserved, having a dependable, heavy-duty home refrigerator to match the demands of a busier household truly matters. Sub-Zero has refrigerators that are made with advanced preservation technologies—such as dual refrigeration, advanced air purification, and precise temperature control—that not only keep food cold, but also keep them fresh longer. 

With less options to dine out, tapping into your creativity and experimenting more in the kitchen now is helpful to come up with a variety of dishes. Wolf’s professional-performance kitchen appliances can help you do the job and then some. From ovens and convection steam ovens, to induction cooktops and gas cooktops, Wolf delivers unparalleled consistency and precision, making cooking easier and more efficient each and every time.

The newly-renovated showroom of Sub-Zero and Wolf in Makati. Visit its virtual showroom here.

The products of Sub-Zero and Wolf are manufactured in the headquarters’ own facilities in the USA, so you’re assured of superior quality that can last for decades. They have the powerful combination of top-notch performance and a timeless, luxurious design. And if you’re thinking of elevating your kitchen, Sub-Zero and Wolf have made it easier and more enjoyable to do so. Their newly-renovated Makati showroom sports a grander look that can better help you envision your dream kitchen. They’ve also launched an easy-to-navigate, interactive, and informative virtual showroom to guide you in your search for the perfect appliances even when you’re at home.

Sub-Zero and Wolf’s vision has always valued moments that are truly worth savoring in Filipino homes. This holds true now more than ever. A happy kitchen, after all, is synonymous to a happy home, and good food creates a good mood.

Sub-Zero and Wolf’s showroom is located at Ground Floor, Manila Tower, The Residences at Greenbelt Esperanza Street, Makati City 1224, Philippines. It’s open from Mondays to Saturdays, 10am – 6pm; (6pm – 7am by appointment). You can also visit their 360° virtual showroom for a 3D look and feel of their units. To learn more, browse Sub-Zero and Wolf’s website or follow them on Instagram. For inquiries, email [email protected] or book a virtual consultation or showroom appointment here. Sub-Zero and Wolf are exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Focus Global Inc.

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