How Metro Manila Restaurants Stay Consistently Clean and Safe in an Inconsistent Quarantine - Mise en Place

Quarantines may change, but restaurants still continue to serve with quality and safety.

The constant shifting of restrictions have done little to control the spread of the novel coronavirus in the metro, but restaurants still continue to adapt to every form of quarantine–from offering delivery and pick-up services to offering dine-in in limited and sanitary capacity. But with all the paranoia attached to going outside, how does a restaurant assure safety?

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Sanivir Smoke used in a Little Flour branch.

Most, if not all establishments have the same precautions in place: temperature checks, sanitation mats, and alcohol dispensers; but these protocols only protect to a limited extent for people entering. Viruses and other bacteria can still slip through in these margins, which is why extra sanitation methods must be done for inside establishments. For food businesses with multiple branches such as Wild Flour, they maintain safety in all its areas with stringent sanitation procedures which include the use of effective and non-toxic products like Sanivir Smoke. 

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Now, smoke might not register as something sanitary, but this kind of smoke fights against viruses, bacteria, fungi, and spores. How Sanivir Smoke achieves this is through its dry smoke that uses antimicrobial agents to safely sanitize a room in 8-12 hours that will keep the room safe and clean for seven to 14 days. 

Sanitation tests in all Wild Flour branches.

The easy and hassle-free application of the smoke also makes it a convenient and fast method of sanitation. It’s effectivity has made it a favorite not only for cafes and bakeries but also exclusive clubs such as Manila House. “We tried Sanivir Smoke and we are happy with the results, especially in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic,” shares Manila House general manager Jose Arcilla. Requiring no equipment or special machine for use, Sanivir comes in an easy-to-use can that only requires a quick shake, lighting the wick, and let the smoke do it’s magic. This simple but effective product has earned the trust of food establishments taking in dine-in patrons once again, “[It] helps us maintain high standards of hygiene within our premises by carrying out professional-grade disinfection,” comments a representative of Wild Flour. 

Sanivir’s dry smoke leaves no residue, eliminating the need to wipe down after use.

Keeping patrons and staff safe is, of course, top priority for management of these establishments, “Sanivir Smoke helps us keep Manila House a safe and healthy environment,” notes Criselda Saway, sales manager of Manila House. The smoke fo the product is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and is not absorbed by the skin. The dry smoke means that it leaves no resume behind, which means no cleaning is needed after its use. 

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Regardless of the kind of quarantine we’re in, you can never be too safe in times like these, which is why restaurants take these extra measures, as should we as well. With its easy availability, Sanivir can also be used in homes, cars, and office spaces.

Sanivir Smoke is available at Rustan’s Department Stores, Landers, and on online merchants.

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