Help In Times of Need: Going Beyond Luxury Living

The damaging consequences of a calamity of this magnitude can be selective, with many of our fellowmen crying and reaching out for help. How do we go beyond our means in helping the unfortunate and finding ways to make it better for others? What can we do to provide relief to those who need it? There are many ways to offer help. As we secure our own families’ and friends’ safety, let us be open to social responsibility. To lend a hand to those who need it and be generous in our endeavors. Here are ways how we can help.

Organize Donation Drives Among Family, Friends, or Your Community Members

Use the power of your connections to mobilize members of your circles in gathering resources we can use to provide relief to the most affected by the calamitous weather. Collect clothes, canned goods, potable water, and even housing materials if you can. Contact local communities and find ways to deliver collected goods. Encourage people to start their own donation drives in their own communities. The more we pull in these initiatives, the more significant the impact we can make. Let the spirit of bayanihan live in all of us.

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Gather relief goods for the less fortunate. | Image by Joel Muniz

Be Reliable Sources of Information for All Your Connections

For those with stable internet connections, continue watching the news and help disseminate information on all your platforms. From emergency hotlines to storm signal updates and viable transportation routes, be a conduit of information that your followers can rely on. Make your social media an avenue for social responsibility. Reply when you can, and offer meaningful messages of comfort, encouragement, and hope.

Use your digital savvy to inform and offer comfort. | Image by Tim Mossholder

Encourage Kindness and Compassion In The Environments You Move In

As the day is not as easy for others, keep in mind to be kind to one another, from the neighborhood security to delivery personnel to your household help, be genuinely grateful for their service even as they worry for their own families. The psychological effects of such events are not exactly evident at face value, so bear in mind their internal struggles. Watch your words and be more mindful. Practice patience, empathy, and kindness.

Always be mindful of what you say. | Image by Alexander Krivitskiy

Continue the Practice Even After All is Said and Done

Our resilience and hospitality have been admired by other nations for the longest time. Let these be motivations to do more for our fellow citizens, that by providing help for the needy and finding solutions to make our country disaster-proof and emergency-ready, resilience can be enhanced by other values such as foresight and vigilance. The Filipinos are more than a hundred million strong. Have faith that more than overcoming such events, we will learn and do better.

We will get through this and learn from it together. | Image by Krisia Vinzon

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