These Valentine’s Gift Sets By Jo Claravall Celebrates Filipino Craftsmanship And Artistry

Looking for a gift idea for the coming weekend? The Ibig Ko limited collection puts together many Love Day favorites from local artisans.

Like every other big holiday or special occasion in the past 12 months, Valentine’s Day will be spent having to deal with quarantine restrictions and other health protocols. Many of us will be limited to virtual calls or heartfelt messages instead of more tactile expressions of our affections. But one love language is not entirely lost to COVID—gift giving. And for V-day, we suggest checking out Jo Claravall’s Ibig Ko gift collection. The seasoned event designer collaborated with local artisans, creating each gift set meant to convey passion, love, and courtship.

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LEFT: Filipino artist Reena Gabriel‘s illustration on a greeting card. RIGHT: Jo Claravall.
LEFT: SINTA gift set. UPPER RIGHT: SINTA Dark Chocolate with Peanut Cookies. LOWER RIGHT: SINTA Tea Tangerine Rose, and Vanilla Hand-Poured Soy Candle.

Artful presents

Sending gifts in these challenging times has turned into an art, and we curate what we send with much care, pondering over the tastes and interests of the recipient. That thoughtfulness is behind each of Claravall’s limited edition gift sets. Called Ibig Ko, the gifts take names after lovely Filipino words. From giliw to alab to sinta, each set can have anything from artisanal chocolates and floral arrangements to a hand-poured soy candle, and a greeting card filled with lovely illustrations.

The homegrown artisans behind the gift sets include Filipino chocolate company Hiraya Chocolates, hand-poured soy candles label Memento PH, and Reena Gabriel, a Filipino artist adept at watercolor works, calligraphy, and design. For the Ibig Ko gifts, Gabriel features her detailed illustrations of romantic scenes and other common Filipino symbols and elements.

Claravall tops it all off with her tasteful and exceptional floral arrangements. She uses dried flowers in whimsical hues of cream, pale green, and white. The stark red of the roses stands out, resembling love and passion.

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LEFT: ALAB gift set. RIGHT: ALAB Dark Chocolate with Queso de Bola.
LEFT: GILIW gift set. RIGHT: GILIW Dark Chocolate with Pineapple, Mango, and Ginger.

No matter how far we are from our loved ones, these Ibig Ko gifts convey how much we miss them. And, hopefully, every person receiving these sets would look forward to the day that love and affection won’t remain remote.

For orders, fill out this form. For more information, visit Jo Claravall’s Instagram.

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