5 Ways To Elevate Your Newfound Interests From Quarantine

If you started a new hobby over the quarantine, here’s how you can elevate your crafts or skills.

Spending months in lockdown encouraged many of us to try new hobbies or pursue long-held interests. Be it baking or cooking, arts and crafts, indoor sports, or yoga, we acquired knowledge and new skills with the time we have now. This year, as we are now accustomed to our routine, how do you integrate your newfound hobbies or passion? While it was a delight to try new things, there is a stronger sense of accomplishment when you refine your recently-acquired skills. We list down short but effective ways to improve your craft or pursuits this year.

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Set your goal

Beyond enjoying your newfound interest, you may have been thinking about turning it into a business. If you started baking last year and you want to sell your creations, plan how to go on about it. From creating your brand, detailing your production, to coming up with marketing and sales strategies, business entails a lot of thought. So, make sure to sit down and talk to someone who can help you with the technicals.

If you are not thinking of monetizing your passion, how about creating goals that will help you improve? If you started doing yoga or sports like table tennis, whether on your own or with a class, then research about doing advanced positions or techniques. Setting specific goals will help you clarify the steps it will take to achieve them.

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Establish a routine

Improving your skills entails constant practice. To do so, you must set a time into your daily or weekly routine. For wellness exercises, you can set to do it an hour every morning. For indoor sports, you can schedule it every weekend. Who knows, after months of practice (and when the pandemic subsides), you can already teach a class or even join a competition.

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Accept mistakes

Anyone who is now successful or skilled in a certain pursuit was a beginner at a point in their lives. If you have started cooking an international dish, playing chess, doing cross-stitch, or creating cocktail recipes, keep in mind you wouldn’t succeed right off the bat. Mistakes are bound to be made and that is completely fine. It is from committing errors that we learn. So, when your cookies didn’t turn out visually pleasing or you can’t shoot a three-pointer in basketball, keep practicing and be patient with yourself—you will get things right eventually.

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Join a community

Creative pursuits may be enjoyable on your own but it is better if you are doing it with people who share similar interests with you. Being part of a community like a class or a group keeps you inspired. You would learn more about your interest from each other, imparting advice and encouraging words. When you give support, this will return to you and strengthen your passion for your interest.

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Share it with the world

Build confidence in yourself by being proud of your work. Share your creations or small accomplishments with others. It can be posting on social media or sharing with a circle of friends. Apart from receiving validation from the people who love you, you can inspire others to engage in your pursuits as well. Everyone needs encouragement these days, and so sharing your story, your work, and your progress will definitely build positivity.

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