In Full Swing: Mahesh Mirpuri's Journey as a Toy Collector

Reflecting on a remarkable 35-year journey as a toy collector, CEO of Ramp-s Corp. and Styletex Corp. Mahesh Mirpuri contemplates the vibrant tapestry of moments that have infused his life with joy and color

“I never expected it in my wildest imagination,” Mahesh Mirpuri says, once we’ve settled into his quieter kitchen, away from the gathering of ten or so people in the living room. “If someone had told me five years ago and said, ‘Mahesh, you will be selling superhero costumes,’ my response would have been, ‘Really? How do we make it happen?’”

Currently, Mirpuri is the CEO of Ramp-s Corp., supplying silverware and toys to restaurants, hotels, and department stores, and Styletex Corp., a global garment and textile manufacturing enterprise. His journey from collecting toys to leading two successful businesses has led him to this moment. “If you Google this company, Rubies,” he tells me, “you’ll find that they are the biggest costume maker, not just in America, but on the planet. And we got the distribution rights for the Philippines.” The emphasis he places on the word “planet” resonates perfectly, evoking the grandiose and adventurous language commonly found in superhero comic panels. “I had the opportunity to meet with Rubies on several occasions, [but what’s remarkable is that] they chased me, rather than the other way around,” he says. “Little by little, things are falling into place.”

Toy collecting as a gateway

In a subtle nod to his love for superheroes, he proudly wears a tie adorned with the iconic Batman emblem.

Mirpuri’s story begins in the 80s, during the peak of animated series like ThunderCats and SilverHawks. “I was the kid who never left the house without a toy in hand,” he recalls. I ask him about the catalyst for his extensive collection that ultimately filled an entire basement in his home. “The original Voltes V die-cast toy,” he says, excitedly. Nostalgia plays a significant role for Mirpuri, as most of his collected items represent the things that brought him joy as a child.

Toys offer something that watching a screen can’t replicate, he continues. While watching, you’re limited to follow along. “But through engaging in play, you get to wear multiple hats—you can be the writer, director, and actor [all at once].” Across from me, beyond the double glass doors, lies a picturesque view of the pool and swing set. Does he apply these principles in raising his own children? He lets out a chuckle. “Absolutely! We create stories and play games,” he shares. “I want them to envision limitless possibilities and realize that the only boundary in life is themselves.” 

Guiding light

From L-R: Mishka, Mahesh, Riana, Nayntara, and Samara Mirpuri

Years of witnessing his father’s work ethic influenced Mirpuri to help people through his business. True enough, as the CEO of two thriving companies, he prioritizes delivering quality products, supporting his teams, and fostering collaboration with partners. “I’m a firm believer in collective wisdom. I always tell people, if you think you’re the smartest one in the room, that’s your first big misstep,” he says. He credits the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a network of exceptional entrepreneurs in the country, for steering him to a 360-degree way of life, one that includes business, family, and personal growth. Excitingly, he shares upcoming ventures: “This year, aside from becoming the representative for Rubies in the Philippines, we have also secured exclusive distribution rights for Le Gourmet.” 

Tapestry of life

“Little by little, things
are falling into place,”
Mirpuri says, as he
fulfills his childhood
dream of distributing
superhero costumes.
“Little by little, things are falling into place,” Mirpuri says, as he fulfills his childhood dream of distributing
superhero costumes.

Mirpuri believes that relationships are the essence of a well-lived life. He shares how he met his wife, Riana, as childhood friends within the same social circle. “And then, call it perfect timing or fate, things happened at the right moment and in the right circumstances,” he says. The secret to a harmonious dynamic, he tells me now, is finding a “sweet balance.” They function as a team, especially in parenting their children. Mirpuri affectionately describes his daughters’ passions, from entrepreneurship to comedy and singing. He toggles between “dad mode” and “work mode,” which he believes is important when juggling two major roles in life. As we get up to join the rest in the living room, I become acutely conscious of the sight I had been overlooking all along. While Mirpuri’s toy collecting tale may be vibrant and captivating, it is the presence of his wife and daughters that truly paints his life with color. 

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