Niederhurst Estate, A Property Near NYC Lists For $28.5 Million

Interior designer Sara Story said restoring the Niederhurst estate is a labor of love, but the allure of the 13-acre property was worth it.

Nestled in Palisades, New York, lies the prestigious 13-acre Niederhurst estate, which embodies the epitome of luxury living. The property at 23 Ludlow Lane is just a short half-hour drive from the bustling streets of the city. Sotheby’s International Realty listed it for $28.5 million, rightfully so as it possesses architectural elegance and the unparalleled grandeur of countryside living.

Niederhurst estate has a surrounding lush landscape and meticulously crafted interiors that serve as an epitome of sophistication. The property beckons discerning buyers to indulge in the retreat that is moments away from the heart of New York City. 

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History of the Niederhurst estate

Sara Story reimagined and restored the 19th century estate, which was built in 1874. She is a Manhattan-based interior designer and partnered with architect Dirk Denison for the five-year renovation project.

The Niederhurst estate has verdant surroundings, near the river, and just a good 30 minutes away from New York City
The Niederhurst estate has verdant surroundings, near the river, and just a good 30 minutes away from New York City/Photo from Sotheby’s International Realty website

Sotheby’s stated Niederhurst was built during the Gilded Age, when “romantic homes were built on bluffs, overlooking the river, mimicking the great European estates overlooking the Rhine.”

The home features elements such as imported copper beech trees, as well as additional properties: Fern Lodge, built in 1866; and The Stable, built in the 1870s. It overlooks the Hudson River in Snedens Landing, New York.

Its interior blends historic details with modern design, and uses high-quality materials like Pannozzo and Nero Marquina marbles. 

A closer look of the house's exterior
A closer look of the house’s exterior/Photo from Sotheby’s International Realty website

The estate has been renovated over five years and only had four owners in 150 years.

“Let’s bring it back to life”

According to Story, resuscitating a historic house is not for the faint of heart. A report from Architectural Digest said that it took poking around on two of the mansion’s three floors to know that “it was the one.”

Sara Story spearheaded the restoration of the Niederhurst estate
Sara Story spearheaded the restoration of the Niederhurst estate/Photo via Instagram @sarastorydesign

Story narrated that she and her husband did not bother going to the top floor to know they wanted to restore it. “The minute we walked up the first set of stairs, we just looked at each other and knew.” The couple had been looking for a place that felt right for more than a decade.

The architect admitted she was smitten with the brickwork and handsome moldings, immediately developing an “architecture crush.”

“I knew it was going to take time, but it was a true labor of love,” she described, pertaining to the restoration. Niederhurst, as per the report, demanded an attention that makes it a “forever house.”

“We got back in the car and were, like: that’s it,” Story recalls, as per Bloomberg. “Let’s just bring it back to life.”

Amenities and features

The realty website indicated that the property is still available. The single family home showcases eight bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, and two partial baths. 

Aside from the scenic views that the Niederhurst estate offers, it boasts numerous amenities. The property features hardwood and marble floors, marble countertops, staff quarters, wine cellar or grotto, a library, a guest house, a breakfast bar, washer and dryer, a courtyard, fireplaces, and more.

Head to the listing on this link to know more about the house.

“Niederhurst is a perfect weekend home or forever home,” Sotheby’s remarked. “Manhattan is only 30 minutes away. Nothing compares.”

Banner photo from Sotheby’s International Realty Facebook page.

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