One Call Away: Infinity Gourmet Delivers Premium Japanese Food To Your Doorstep - The Scene

The most complicated order handled by Infinity Gourmet Foods is to combine two contrasting concepts: luxury and convenience.

This comfort food establishment, which offers “delectable cuisines from around the world,” manages to serve premium fish options and other cooked food without the need for a high-end physical space.

Photos by Infinity Gourmet Foods

“Our vision is not to serve just ordinary sushi and sashimi. We wanted to bring in premium ingredients and present them creatively, aesthetically pleasing to all the senses. Something that people would love to give as gifts or enjoy all to themselves,” founder and co-owner Jed Ang of Infinity Gourmet Foods tells Lifestyle Asia.

All of the brand’s fish are air-flown weekly from Japan and Norway. This explains its limited schedule of Wednesdays to Sundays, ensuring that clients purchase only the freshest sashimi and sushi.

Although the bestseller is the Mizaki Box—the first of its kind that the business created, Infinity Gourmet Foods said it has something for everyone.

Photos by Infinity Gourmet Foods

Customers can order family-size sushi and sashimi boats. They may also choose Chirashi and Maki cakes for special occasions, solo sushi boxes, and customizable sushi boxes.

The establishment, meanwhile, is continuously expanding its menu while exploring other cuisines.

Less than two years after it started operating around December 2020, Infinity Gourmet Foods has since expanded from selling only live and frozen seafood. It began offering premium sashimi and sushi, as well as other choked foods by June 2021.

Photos by Infinity Gourmet Foods

“We took advantage of the market gap since traveling was still prohibited back then. And we wanted to bring the experience and food that people miss closer to home,” Ang explains.

For more information, visit Infinity Gourmet Foods’ social media pages (@infinitygourmetfoods).

Photos by Infinity Gourmet Foods.

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