Innovator and Disruptor: On New-Generation CEO Kurt Cheng

Kurt Cheng talks about his journey as a dog dad, life conqueror, and CEO behind this proudly-Filipino canine care brand.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s June 2023 Issue.

Caring for a dog is a big responsibility, but it’s one that Kurt Cheng has gladly undertaken since childhood. It would be no exaggeration to say that the love and companionship from his four-legged friends over the years greatly influenced the trajectory of his life. 

Being a dog dad to several canines served as a sort of training ground for the entrepreneur, instilling an unshakable sense of commitment into him at a tender age. “It showed me that consistency is very important. When you own a dog, you can’t just take care of it when you’re ‘in the mood’ to,” he shared with Lifestyle Asia

CEO of Doggo Kurt Cheng, with his beloved corgi, Kirby
CEO of Doggo Kurt Cheng, with his beloved corgi, Kirby

Cheng’s admirable ethos would eventually carry over to his own business, Doggo: a fully homegrown brand that offers a range of premium products for man’s best friend. Whether it’s specialized food bowls, toys, treats, shampoos, leashes, or grooming supplies, dog parents will likely find everything they need within the brand’s comprehensive catalog. 

With years of experience as a dog owner under his belt—as well as knowledge gained from his undergraduate and graduate studies in top universities—Cheng led his business to critical success during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Belief in the Business

Doggo was established as an e-commerce platform in July 2019, just a few months before the nationwide quarantine. Cheng’s decision to use a digital landscape turned out to be a good call; many people became first-time pet parents during the lockdown and veteran dog owners were left with more time to pamper their beloved pooches. As a result, Doggo experienced exponential growth despite the pandemic’s economic downturns. 

After being exposed to an assortment of quality pet supplies during his travels abroad, the CEO was struck by the saddening realization that many Filipinos didn’t have easy access to them. That’s why he wanted Doggo to be a one-stop shop for pet owners in the Philippines, both new and old. 

CEO of Doggo Kurt Cheng
Despite the initial obstacles, new-gen CEO Kurt Cheng continued fighting for his business so he could bring proudly-Filipino pet products to the forefront of both the local and global markets

“It became our mission to ensure that Filipino consumers were treated fairly, [with access to local pet products of the same caliber as international ones],” shared Cheng. 

The path to success had its challenges. Pet supply retailers were initially hesitant to carry products from an emerging business, which was quite limiting. Nonetheless, Cheng continued to fight for Doggo in the face of adversity, opting to position it as an e-commerce platform due to the freedom it provided. 

“If I didn’t respect what we were doing, how could other people respect what we were doing? E-commerce was there, so we had that avenue where no one could control us. Luckily, people loved it,” explained the entrepreneur. 

Changing the Game

Cheng is not an archetypal 9 to 5 boss. He trusts in his employees, encouraging them to take initiative and complete their tasks without the need for micromanagement. 

“I think a good employee should be able to move or behave like the business’s owner,” said Cheng. “I give [my employees] a responsibility, and they’re evaluated by how well they were able to reach it—with or without me.” 

However, Cheng never fails to be present in the operations of his business. He nurtures it in much the same way he nurtures his dogs: with dedication and consistency. “You have to prove yourself every day. You have to show up, even on bad days, in order to get the best results possible,” he elaborated. 

CEO of Doggo Kurt Cheng
Cheng always strives to bring something new to the industry and his business

The entrepreneur is an innovator at heart, one who constantly seeks to improve his business strategies. “The ‘new’ [businesses] should benefit from the experiences of the older ones,” he explained to Lifestyle Asia. “Otherwise, no improvements will happen. That’s where I come in: I’m young, updated, and ambitious.” 

Cheng intends to pave the way for Filipino products in the pet care industry; he wants Doggo to be the nation’s pride, proof that the Philippines can create outstanding and internationally-competitive pet products. As part of his efforts to do this, he aims to export the brand’s extensive roster of goods to a variety of countries in the foreseeable future. 

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Photos by Sandro Paredes and Beyond Concepts Studio.

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