Highlights From The 2024 Billboard Women in Music Awards

The night was an exciting celebration for women in the music industry.

Billboard’s Women in Music Awards took place on March 6 this year at the YouTube Theater in Inglewood, California. The awards ceremony aims to honor the women who are making huge contributions in the music industry through their art.

Aside from singers, the Music Awards also recognize composers, songwriters, instrumental performers, conductors, music scholars, educators, critics, journalists, and other musical professions. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

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2024 Woman of the Year

Colombian singer Karol G received the title of this year’s Woman of the Year. She was the final performer of the night, bringing her all-women band and dancers up on stage with her.

After performing her hit “Amargura,” Sofia Vergara, her Griselda co-star, presented her with the award. “Oh my God, [this] might be the most significant and important recognition of all my career, this is super special,” the singer said in her acceptance speech.

Karol G and Sofia Vergara
Image via Instagram @karolg

As this was the first time a Latina won the award, she delivered most of it in Spanish. She recounted her struggles as a woman in the music industry, how she overcame them, and her gratitude for everyone that helped her get here.

“Never give someone else the authority to decide on your own decisions, to say whether something you are doing is bad or good, has value or has no value,” she continued. “No one can put value on you as a person, not as a woman, not as a professional. It is you yourself who works for it, sweats for it, gets it and earns it. And, how great that they gave me [the award] this year.”

Surprise Appearances

Katy Perry, 2012’s Woman of the Year, made a surprise appearance to present the Executive of the Year Award to Michelle Jubelirer. “She has been a beacon for artists, nurturing their talents and supporting their personal growth,” Perry said about the former Capitol Music Group CEO.

Katy Perry and Michelle Jubelirer
Image via Instagram @katyperry

“She heard me, she saw me, she created space for me, even supported me through my journey of motherhood.”

“I wholeheartedly believe that I relate to artists differently because I am a woman. I am able to make decisions that consider a wider range of factors because I am a woman,” Jubelirer said in her speech.

“This approach informed the culture we built at Capitol Music Group, and we achieved historic success operating in this manner. So yes, I am a better leader because I am a woman.”

Luisa Sonza at the Billboard Women in Music Awards
Image via Instagram @luisasonza

Demi Lovato also made a surprise appearance, performing “Penhasco2” with Brazilian singer Luísa Sonza. Sonza, who later accepted the Global Force Award, thanked Lovato during her speech. “I’m a Brazilian singer, I mostly sing in Portuguese, so this is so crazy, and I’m so nervous right now.”

Asian Stars Rise

As with most K-pop groups, the loudest cheers erupted for NewJeans. After performing a mash-up of “ETA” and “Super Shy,” the girls returned to the stage to accept their Group of the Year award.

“I’d like to thank all the artists that are here because without your music, I don’t think we would have been able to grow up so inspired. Our love and passion for music has grown so much, thanks to you all,” Hanni said during their speech.

“Reflecting back on the past two years, we’ve been so incredibly blessed. We got to experience so many new and exciting things. It’s just been the best year,” Danielle added. “All of these things wouldn’t be possible without you guys, Bunnies!”

Sarah Geronimo at the Billboard Women in Music Awards
Image via Instagram @justsarahgph

Meanwhile, Sarah Geronimo also received a Global Force Award, becoming the first homegrown Filipina to be honored at the ceremony. The singer wore a pink custom-made Michael Cinco gown to the event.

Upon accepting the award, Geronimo thanked Billboard for celebrating women in music and for recognizing Filipino artists. “For me, this recognition signifies courage and hope. Courage to accept and embrace one’s self and the courage to break boundaries and rise above all the setbacks and challenges that every artist needs to face,” she shared.

“And the hope that one day, this meaningful moment will bridge the gap between the Philippines and other nations, collaborating, uniting as one to create change and positivity in the world through music.”

Banner image via Instagram @karolg.

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