Design Favorites: Interesting Light Fixtures That Are Great Conversation Starters

From Wataru Sakuma to Philippe Starck, these interesting pieces can be found in the homes of Milka Romero, Cecile Zamora, and Stephanie Gonzalez.

While having a well-lit room isn’t a recent design trend, more and more people have started to pay attention to it in the age of virtual meetings. But apart from giving your colleagues a pleasantly bright spot on your Zoom panel, good lighting can directly affect your mood and your health. If you’re looking to brighten up the dark corners of your home, here are some light fixtures that also happen to be the favorites of Stephanie Kienle Gonzalez, Milka Romero, and Cecile Zamora.

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(Photos from Masaeco Paper)

Hozuki Lighting

Known for his ingenious designs, Japanese artist Wataru Sakuma uses basic materials like paper to transform them into creative and functional home pieces. Hozuki Lighting is such an example of this, a one-of-a-kind collaboration with Villa Garcia of A. Garcia Crafts. The fixture gives off a warm glow perfect for a home reflecting Japanese zen like the redecorated space of Sushi Nori founder Milka Romero. Minimalist and sustainable, Hozuki is only among Sakuma’s beautiful nature-inspired works made from local agricultural products.

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LEFT: A gold or chrome gun-shaped body makes up the lamp. (Photo from FLOS). RIGHT: The Guns Table Lamp spotted at Cecille Zamora’s home. (Photo by Ed Simon of Studio 100)

Guns Table Lamp

Spotted in the home of lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur Cecille Zamora, this exquisite Philippe Starck lamp is part of his Guns Collection. Starck took the name from his belief that design is his weapon. Among his iconic creations is the Dimmable Lamp that comes in polished 18K gold or chrome finish with a white shade. Its frosted halogen bulb is fit for ambient lighting or direct reading.

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(Photos from Triboa Bay Living)

Brianna Spiral Staircase Floor Lamp

A definite conversation starter, this stunning floor lamp by Triboa Bay Living is meticulously assembled by hand. Vintage staircases inspired this structural piece, and that’s why it suits spaces like a home library or a den with an Old World vibe. It can also be placed in modern homes with streamlined shapes to balance contrast.

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LEFT: PC Table Lamp in soft black. RIGHT: PC Table Lamp in white. (Photos from Design Story PH)

PC Table Lamp

French designer Pierre Charpin designed PC Pendants, a set of suspension lighting made of anodized aluminum. This makes the fixtures resistant to corrosion. Taking off from this inventive work, Design Story PH created a PC Table Lamp that has a body made of the same material. It is portable and emits a soft directional light. This makes it easy to carry around if you prefer to work in different spaces in your home.

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LEFT: swivel lamps can be adjusted. (Photo from Etienne Interiors) RIGHT: Serge Mouille 3-swivel wall lamp spotted in Stephanie Gonzalez’s home. (Photo from Philux)

3-Swivel Wall Lamp

Who says furniture can’t create an illusion of movement? Mobile organic shapes have been the signature style of the great lighting designer, Serge Mouille. His swivel lamps became a classic of modern design for their interesting shapes and timeless color of black steel. Philux co-founder Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez has Mouille’s three-swivel Wall Lamp in her living room. The long lines call for attention, demanding a compliment or two even while it is situated in an inconspicuous space.

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