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The integrated resort’s designers, architects, and engineers drew inspiration from nature and outfitted the development with mechanical features fit for the new normal

If there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that nature and technology can both be harnessed to ensure our well-being. The Hann Group, owner and developer of the Widus Hotel & Casino and the Clark Marriott in Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, took this lesson and incorporated it into Hann Casino’s design.

Rooted from nature’s beauty

Hann tapped Aedas Interiors Limited HK for the casino’s design, who took inspiration from Pampanga’s own tropical forests and jagged mountains. As the interior design company responsible for designing the Hong Kong International Airport Midfield Concourse and the Langham in Shenzhen, Aedas hoped to integrate the local terrain to keep the development endearing to the locals, adding:

“Integrating Clark’s tropical forests and jagged mountains into the development’s interiors keeps Hann Casino close to the heart of the locals, as well as creates a refreshing experience for the foreign guests.”

Aedas Interiors Limited HK Director Alan Hamilton on the rationale behind Hann Casino’s inspirations

These natural elements were translated into an interior design characterized by maximalist clean lines and geometric forms. The curation of layers that can be seen throughout Hann Casino’s front-of-house areas, like the lobby, embodies the various layers that can be seen in nature, creating an effect of comfort and curiosity.

A commitment to sustainability

Running with the inspired-by-nature theme, the designers made sure to incorporate sustainable materials for the entirety of the development. For example, the timber veneer used for most of the surfaces in Hann Casino’s front-of-house areas was sourced from sustainably managed forests and plantations. 

Every material used in the development is also FSC Chain-of-Custody certified, which means that the path of the sustainable building materials from the forests was traced and verified. In addition, Hann utilized Singapore Green Building Product-certified paint for all of the development’s surface; a certification that ensures that paint has met green standards and is, indeed, sustainable.

Air quality and energy efficiency

Air quality has never mattered more than in the post-pandemic world. In a place where people can get crowded together, the potential for transmission of COVID-19 is of particular concern. 

To address this, Hann teamed up with an engineering design and commissioning company focused on building services and systems in Forsspac. Such a decision brought the development to life, as Forsspac engineers used Under Floor Air Distribution (UFAD) to provide excellent air quality in all of the casino’s gaming areas, ensuring that the air is supplied through the floor and exhausted through the ceiling.

“This means that the air in the casino is continually cleaned of pollutants including tobacco smoke, volatile organic compounds, and critically, airborne pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus which causes COVID-19,” said Philip J. Thoburn MCIBSE, MAPM, CEng, CEO and Technical Director, Forsspac.

“With UFAD, the air in the guest space is continually replaced from the floor, and all airborne pollutants and pathogens are removed by extraction at the ceiling. Even when there is some recirculation of the air, the filtration in the air handling plant is highly efficient, providing greater than 98% removal of airborne particulates and pathogens, virtually eliminating the buildup of such pathogens, including the SARS-CoV-2 virus, in the occupied spaces,” he explained.

Air conditioners are, no doubt, the biggest consumer of electricity in the development. In adhering to the commitment to sustainability, Forsspac installed ceiling-mounted sensors in the casino spaces to detect occupancy levels and instruct the system to adjust airflow accordingly. Meanwhile, in conventionally conditioned areas, carbon dioxide is monitored and used to control the outdoor air supply against occupancy levels. This exact mechanism is used in Hann Casino’s parking area, where carbon monoxide is monitored to limit the energy consumed in ventilation. In other areas of the development where conventional air conditioning systems are used, all recirculated air is filtered and diluted with pretreated outdoor air. “This ensures the quality of the air is maintained while also reducing the energy consumed in keeping the areas comfortable,” Thoburn added.

With these systems in place, Hann exhibits its commitment to the health and safety of its guests. “With Hann Casino’s design, we want to prioritize environmental sustainability and quality guest experience. We will continue to prioritize the indoor health of our developments even after the acute crisis of the pandemic has passed,” said Daesik Han, Chairman and CEO, Hann Philippines Inc.

Hann Casino is a part of Hann Casino Resort, the first premium sub-brand under the master brand Hann Resorts. Besides Hann Casino, the first fully integrated resort in Clark also features Clark Marriott, Swissotel Clark, and, in a few years, Mercure Hotel.

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