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As we all dream of the day when travel can be done at leisure and without worry, here are some of our favorite Boracay dining spots that you should include in your next trip there—whenever that may be.

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If I were to make a list of places in the world that I always love to go back to, Boracay would be pretty high up.  Boracay is bliss. It totally captivates the senses: the marvelous sight of the power white beach, the sound of the gentle waves, the smell and feel and of the ocean breeze, and the food! The glorious, glorious island food is, dare I say, world class.

Boracay’s food scene is continuously evolving and getting better. For that, we must credit the enormously talented food professionals who made the island home and flexed their culinary muscle to great success. In every trip back to the Boracay, I am always excited to visit old favorites and discover new restaurant gems that genius chefs have carefully crafted.

Here is a list of Boracay restaurants that I crave for even before I step into my flight home.

1. Forno Osteria at Discovery Shores

I first tried this impressive Italian restaurant when the new wing of Discovery Shores opened in December 2018, it has played host to one of my most deliciously unforgettable birthday dinners ever.

Forno takes pride in their pizzas, which they make daily. The dough is hand-stretched, making the crusts light airy and bubbly just like the ones you enjoy in Southern Italy. It is the only restaurant in the Island that uses a Josper Grill, which was invented in Barcelona in 1969. It combines the function of charcoal grills and the precision of modern temperature-controlled ovens.

You must try the Josper Grill made Tomahawk steak which perfectly traps the flavor and moisture of the meat, along with antipastis, soups, risottos, pasta and dolces, truly bellissima.

2. Dos Mestizos

The only place on the island to go for Spanish cuisine, it’s practically an institution having been in Boracay for over a decade now.  This place is a must for groups who love good food and want to take their tastebuds into overdrive.

They serve tapas and paellas that fuses Spanish and Filipino flavors. Start your meals with a refreshing Sangria and tapas; My recommendations are the Callos con Garbanzos, Gambas Al Ajilllo, Calamares, Duck Fat sealed Chicken Liver Pate, and Baked Oysters.

Do not skip on the Paellas—that’s why you should bring friends—and order the de Moriscos or Negra. Better yet, order both since Dos Mestizos paellas come in three sizes. But don’t fill up too much as you have to have the Cochinillo. It’s a dish that you will remember for the rest of your days.

3. True Home Bistro

This is where you go if you want an amazing meal along with amazing views. True Home Bistro is a recent discovery for me. I found this gem just before my friends and I welcomed the new year.  

The restaurant serves enjoyable Asian and continental dishes like the Shrimp Laksa, Beef Pho, the Gai Satay Platter, Banh Xeo (or Vietnamese Crispy Savory Crepes), Mei Goreng, Chicken Satay and Vietnamese Grilled Boneless Chicken Legs. Equally molto delicioso is their selection of pastas: the Vongole, Cacio E Peppe, Spaghetti Amatriciana are all superb. Our group found ourselves ordering and sharing everything on the menu.

There aren’t a lot of Southeast Asian Restos in Boracay and True Home Bistro by Paolo Occhionero, one of the island’s most gracious restaurateurs, is a true gem.

4. Real Coffee

This Boracay institution created and perfected the most beloved Boracay pasalubong of them all, the Calamansi Muffin. The dessert captures the spirit of the island: fresh, sweet and refreshing and very addicting. The brownies and other oven fresh goodies by Nadine Rosaia are also worth checking out.

Aside from awesome bakes, Real Coffee serves some of the most amazing breakfasts in the Island. Their selection will give you the fortitude to battle your hangover and make the trek to this mecca of yumminess. (A side note: the Great White Omelet was named after a friend who didn’t like yolks in his omelet.)

What I especially like about this place is how they treat guests. It’s very personal and it feels like a welcome embrace from family that you’ve known all your life.

5. Mosaic at Crimson Boracay  

Mosaic is another restaurant that has raised the bar in Boracay’s lively dining scene. This relative newbie is a fine dining Latin American grill that has impressed me immeasurably.

The interiors are as impressive and the food is wonderfully plated, a feast for both the eyes and palate. You will feel at home in its fun, casual and lively ambiance of elegant wooden and floor-to-ceiling windows. What can be more Boracay than dining amidst stunning ocean views.

Mosaic offers both local and imported oysters, Australian and American prime meats all prepared with Latin American flair. Wine lovers will be thrilled with its impressive showcase featuring rare vintages and top-shelf labels with a focus on new world wines. You also must bookend your dinning adventure at Mosaics with libations at their cosmopolitan villa cocktail lounge.

6. Two Seasons

One bite of their oyster sisig and four cheese pizza and you’ll understand why Two Seasons is one of the most sought after chillout spots on the island.

Located right at the beachfront, the restaurant serves up an excellent menu of eclectic dishes that were created by Café Ysabel and the Center for Asian Culinary Studies’ masterminds Chef Gene Gonzales and his son, Chef Gino Gonzales.

Other musts are barLo’s salpicao and chili fries, and their umami bombs are perfect with a cold beer.. But please promise me that you won’t miss the four cheese and oyster sisig.

7. Sirena Restaurant & Clifftop Bar at Shangri-La Boracay

This is, literally, the most elevated dining experience in Boracay. Sirena is Shangri-La Boracay’s award-winning signature seafood restaurant on a cliff. It is located in one of the most coveted spots on the island, a perch that gives you a vantage of point of sun, sand, sea, and emerald greens.

You must have the seafood platter if only linger to enjoy the view with some of the most succulent and tastiest seafood you’ll have in the island. Noteworthy are the tiger prawns with chili sauce, which just hits the spot. 

This place is even more amazing as the sun sets. Make sure you get one of the outdoor cabanas. The view goes well with Sirena’s impressive selection of herb cocktails.

8. Sands at Discovery Shores

Sands is just one of those super inviting restaurants that you want to live in. The restaurant’s beautiful location blesses you with spectacular views of the beach and its inviting chill vibe embodies Discovery Shores Boracay’s barefoot elegance.

Here the breakfast is sumptuous and satisfying, you’ll find yourself lingering just staring at the sea. Lunch is delicious and always relaxed you’ll feel like staying the whole day.  

Sands also offers the best and tastiest boodle fight selections here. You will be mesmerized by how beautifully they arrange the boodle that are, in my eyes, some of the most delectable Filipino-style grilled meats and seafood. 

9. Los Indios Bravos

This, in my opinion, is the best gastropub on the Island. It serves beer on tap and hearty pub staples like oysters in a half shell from Roxas, Angus Beef Ribs and pizzas. Their commitment to quality ingredients is impressive and that has earned them a loyal following of fans that always come back for more. 

Los Indios Bravos features its own signature pub food creations by Chef Kenneth Cacho and Chef Norbert Gandler of International School for Culinary Arts & Hotel Management and champions all-Filipino Craft Beers (which are also available on tap), and winning local Brown and White spirits.

Los Indios Bravos, like the name suggests pays homage to the Brave Native of the 1800s, Filipino heroes, warriors, poets, intellectuals, and the Tirol Family of Boracay.

10. Cha Cha’s at Coast Hotel Boracay

This is Raintree Restaurant Group’s pearl in Boracay, located in COAST Hotel. It is inspired by the most popular beach destinations in the world, serving carefully curated cuisine.

Its breakfast spread is impressive, and has everything you might crave: ube champurrado, breakfast pizzas, waffles in ube sauce, a batchoy noodle station, and an egg station serving everything from 65-degree soft boiled eggs to eggs benedict. That selection will get anyone’s tastebuds jumping for joy in the morning.

Cha Cha’s is quintessentially Boracay. This is where you’ll see me enjoying Boracay’s famous sunset with a cocktail (or two) in hand, vibing to live music awaiting eagerly the adventure that a night in the island promises.

Banner Photo by Deedee Geli on Unsplash

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