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Welcome back to the office! As cases go down, more and more work places are offering a hybrid, or a permanent return, to office working. Here are some recommended items to ease the transition.

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Cuyana Small Structured Leather Tote

The Small Structured Leather Tote is the petite version of Cuyana’s Structure Tote, offering the same shape, albeit smaller, and is the best choice if carrying daily essentials is the need.

Made with Italian leather that is tanned responsibly, the tote comes in five colors, each one a neutral shade that will go well with work clothes.

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Store It

If you’ve gotten too used to being at home, being in an office means, as the name implies, you have to be away from the comforts you have gotten used to while working in the comfort of your habitat.

Store It Silicone bags solve the problem. Things you consider a necessity, like a facemask, hand sanitizers, or earphones can be packed neatly in your tote, and easy to grab for immediate access. The colors are very nice too: each colorful shade is bright enough to stand out in your bag, but muted with a grown-up feel.

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The Appointed 22-23 Year Task Calendar

US-based The Appointed, known for their planners that help make life easy, have dropped their latest collection. The popular Task Planner is back, this time in a version that starts in the middle of the year. The shade Atlas Blue is a lovely, calming dark blue shade.

New to the brand is the Wire Daily Planner, a wired set-up of the beloved planner, which means the item is now easily laid out over your desk.

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Kleen Kanteen

Every October, for Breast Cancer Month, Kleen Kanteen releases a special edition water bottle in a pretty pale pink color. This year’s 32 oz. vessel has a twist cap in taupe.

If you need your drink hot, your Kleen Kanteen will keep it up for 24 hours, and if you want it cold, it will stay iced for up to 83 hours. Run, don’t walk to get yours! If the pink shade is no longer available, Kleen Kanteen is of course home to many more colors.

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The best part of working back in an office is the choices you can make about what food to buy for lunch. If, however, you have gotten into the habit of making your food, you’ll need a chic lunch box to carry to and fro.

Any of the insulated bags from Canadian brand SoYoung is the ideal choice. Designed with natural linen, the bag is machine washable, eco-friendly, and is not a cumbersome item that will clash with your work outfit.

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