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Reimagine your space with Neu Muri’s new custom wall designs that show off your unique taste.

What started as a passion thrived into a successful business, bringing together wallpaper, furniture–and now curtain fabric and upholstery–to new heights of luxury and style.

Home decoration has always been a trend. While lockdowns did keep people home and thus, more aware of what needs to be improved or renovated in their space, the truth is that everyone wants a cozier place to come home to after the traffic and hectic schedules of daily life.

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What began as projects for family and friends, progressed through referrals and finally to a full-scale business. Neu Muri is run by Anneli Cedenio-Go, a marketing graduate from University of Asia and the Pacific, with ironically no background in Interior Design but who has always been passionate about styling spaces. The business started with offering wallpaper and thus, they named it Neu Muri, which means “new walls” in Italian.  It was only three years ago that they also decided to offer modern Italian-inspired furniture.

“Since then, my team and I work hand in hand with clients and interior designers in creating well curated home and commercial spaces,” Cedenio-Go narrates.

While wallpaper, like carpet, may seem to be a Western home decor item in the Philippine setting, the Neu Muri owner confidently argues, “Wallpaper and wallpaper murals are the best way to bring stunning imagery to a space. General wallpaper elevates the overall look and ambiance of a room. Secondly, it can be used as an accent wall, which adds character to any space and makes it more personal.”

There must be a myriad of wallpaper designs that exist in the world at present and Neu Muri’s Cedenio-Go admits, “Sourcing wallpaper designs can be a bit overwhelming given that there are tons of designs to choose from. Part of the process is understanding what our customers are looking for while aiming to present unique, trendy and quality wallpaper designs.” 

Among the wallpaper that the store has available, Cedenio-Go counts their wallpaper murals as their customers’ constant go-to. “These are customizable, bolder in prints, and generally more vibrant, while some opt for linen wallpaper designs to achieve that hotel vibe interior at home.”

Modern Italian-inspired pieces are what make up Neu Muri’s furniture collection.What sets them apart however are that these collections are customizable from sizes to color finishing in order to cater to the style requirements that their clients need. 

The Columbine sofa, the Oscar dining table, and Adrianna dining chairs are top of mind choices when it comes to furniture and what Cedenio-Go lists as particular favorites. The Columbine sofa is versatile and customizable.  It can be a three-seater, L-shaped, or even U-shaped simply based on your space and what you need. It’s a bestseller in terms of value for money and quality. The Oscar dining table is made with a natural marble top with a solid wood base. Its color can be changed depending on the client’s preference. Finally, the Adrianna dining chairs have fabric upholstered seats with microfiber leather backing.The accent for these chairs comes from chrome rose gold metal legs. These chairs are perfect for those long dinners filled with seemingly never-ending chats as they come highly recommended for long seating use.

“We are also always on the lookout for new furniture designs so our favorite pieces change from time to time. However, our current favorites and bestsellers are the Anna Sofa, Tanya Coffee Table and the Clarice Dining Table,” shares Anneli. The Anna Sofa is a fabric-upholstered sofa with a solid wood frame and metal legs in stylish matte black. It can be ordered in fabric or leather finish while both the size and color are customizable and because it’s customizable, it can be used in different areas of the house. The Tanya Coffee Table, on the other hand, has a glass top with a marble and steel base. This coffee table is actually a statement piece with its unique design and the option to make it part of a nesting set, if the client so wishes. The Clarice Dining Table is a 180-centimeter marble top table with lazy susan, seating up to eight people and is perfect for main dining spaces with its large size.

While it may be easy to fall into a certain mold especially when it seems to be working well, the Neu Muri team is constantly in search of new design ideas. “We aim to expand our product line in the coming years to offer a wider variety of both wallpaper and furniture. We’d also like to provide a convenient shopping experience for our clients and just recently we launched our curtain and upholstery fabrics line. So this is something our clients and the public can look forward to,” Cedenio-Go offers.

Visit Neu Muri at the G/F Marius Acropoli Bldg., 140 Katipunan Ave., Quezon City. Store hours are daily from 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.

Photos by Ed Simon of Studio 100.

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