Honor the Hero of the Family With These Exquisite Gold Pearl Creations

For the unfailing wisdom and strength a father imparts, it is only fitting to honor him with luxurious gifts. From fine pearl cuff links to exquisite gold cuff brooches, these gifts from Jewelmer will certainly celebrate the love and sacrifice of the man of the house.

Pamana brooches. (Photographs courtesy of Jewelmer)

Golden treasures of the sea

Jewelmer knows fathers deserve only the best, and to celebrate their day, the brand created fine pearl pieces as gifts. The golden South Sea pearls are the centerpieces of the gift guide. The Pamana collection consists of brooches featuring symbols of the country. These echo the rich Filipino heritage of Jewelmer. The brooches are elegant adornments to show a father’s nationalistic pride at formal affairs.

Azur bracelet with Lapis Lazuli. (Photographs courtesy of Jewelmer)

The Azur bracelet highlights the South Sea pearl amidst Lapis Lazuli, an intense blue rock. The Lapis contrasts well with the golden pearl. This bracelet is perfect to match a deep blue suit.

Les Classiques cuff links and Pearl of Hope bracelet. (Photographs courtesy of Jewelmer)

Together with pearl farmers, Jewelmer cultivates the pearl from gold-lipped Pinctada maxima pearl oysters. These oysters grow large golden pearls and Jewelmer turns into lustrous jewelry like Les Classiques andPearl of Hope bracelet. For a modern take, a braided leather cord attaches to the 18 karat gold pearl. Like the Azur bracelet, Pearl of Hope is a slim embellishment to any formal style ensemble for a father.

Palawan Provenance. (Photograph courtesy of Jewelmer)

Going beyond fine creations

While Jewelmer commits to creating and designing jewelry from golden pearls, the brand dedicates caring for the environment as well. This is why they established The Save the Palawan Seas Foundation (SPSF). The organization educates people on conserving natural resources. Its activities include tree planting and organic farming. It is also good to note that proceeds from certain jewelry like Pearl of Hope necklace will go to the SPSF. These efforts of Jewelmer aim to inspire people to adopt green living. This proves that wearing the brand’s creations do not only help a father in becoming the best dressed in a formal affair but the story of the pieces tell Jewelmer’s legacy.

For more information on each piece, visit https://www.jewelmer.com/.

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